Leftist Code Pink Radicals Interrupt Ted Cruz Speech; BIG Mistake

Radical protesters from the Code Pink communist front group rudely interrupted a press conference in which constitutional conservative and 2016 Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz was speaking in Washington, D.C., Thursday afternoon.

They would be wise to think twice before they do that again.

Rather than get angry, flustered, or allow the commies to shout over him, the classy Cruz invited the nutjobs up to the stage one-by-one to have a respectful dialogue with him, challenging the agitators to “have a discussion without being shouted down.”

Another mistake.

A reported 100 were at the event organized by the Concerned Women for America (CWA), which bills itself as the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization.

Cruz politely allowed each leftist to ask their question, allowing them to ramble much longer than most humans would have the patience for, then promptly and professionally, cut them up with a verbal butter knife. kindly killing them with facts and logic, making them appear naive, foolish and immature.

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After one Code Pink protester asked how Cruz could be so cocky as to think that he knows more than the other countries (many of them enemies of the U.S. and Israel) who approve of the Obama-Iran Deal, claiming Cruz was somehow a “warmonger” who was pushing the country towards a war because he opposes Obama providing a pathway for the terrorist-supporting country of Iran to obtain lethal nuclear weapons, Cruz responded:

“If this deal goes through, three things will happen. Number one, over a hundred billion dollars will flow to Iran that they will use to fund Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis and radical Islamic terrorists — those billions of dollars will be used to fund jihadists who will murder Americans, who will murder Israelis, and will murder Europeans. Does that make any sense?”

Nothing Cruz said penetrated the thick skull of the brainwashed protester, who then went on a illogical diatribe of how the only way to stop Iran from obtaining the nuclear weapon was for the deal to be agreed to, as if the rogue nation of Iran has ever lived up to a deal of such.

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Cruz actually thanked the lady for speaking, putting her in a place where she surprisingly thanked the Texas senator for allowing her to speak.

“One of the things you said is ‘if’ Iran is trying to get nuclear weapons — well, the nice thing about debate is truth matters,” Cruz began. “And you know, one entity, one person with whom there is no ambiguity in terms of whether Iran wants nuclear weapons, is the Ayatollah Khomeini and President Rouhani, both of whom explicitly say they are developing nuclear weapons. There is no doubt about it.”

The protester then rudely interrupted saying, “Absolutely false,” a ridiculous answer that received loud jeers from the crowd because of its absurdity.

“Ma’am, I did not interrupt you,” Cruz interjected to quiet the crowd, killing the lady with kindness.  “So, I would ask you to show me the same courtesy.”

“I would note you did not respond to the irrefutable point that this deal will send over a hundred billion dollars to Iran and those billions of dollars will be used to murder Americans by jihadists. You didn’t respond to that,” Cruz pointed out.

“And let me make a second point: I recognize that the folks of Code Pink like to hold up signs saying ‘peace with Iran.’ You know who doesn’t reciprocate those views? Iran…In the midst of this negotiation, the Ayatollah Khamenei led thousands of Iranians in chanting ‘death to America’ while they burned American flags and Israeli flags.”

After another useful idiot condemned Cruz for “rehashing old history,” asking the stupid question, “What does this have to do with the nuke deal?” Cruz said to the dupe, “Are you scared to have a conversation? Are you scared of the truth?”

Amazingly, Cruz calmly debated the harassers for approximately 25 minutes, as you can see from the video below filmed by Breitbart, clearly and articulately answering each of their objections.

There’s a reason why Ted Cruz was the national debating champion while at Harvard. Cruz showed some of those debating skills today. Can you imagine Hillary Clinton, or any of the other GOP candidates doing this?


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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