Leftist Cosmopolitan Magazine Caught in HUGE Sexist Hypocrisy

Although Cosmopolitan magazine’s target audience is women, you wouldn’t necessarily know that by looking at their covers. The models featured on the covers of Cosmopolitan through the years are typically scantily clad in tight dresses, short skirts, lots of cleavage…you get the picture.

In addition, the magazine is rife with risque articles with titles like “7 Ways to Blow his Mind in Bed” and “50 Kinky Sex Moves: Men Vote on Their Favorite.” Every single issue has article after article dealing with sexual intercourse even featuring pictures of a man and woman hot and heavy in bed.

Those truths about Cosmopolitan makes this next comparison of tweets by Cosmopolitan, as discovered by Red State, even more incredibly hypocritical. Check this out.


So, on the one hand, the magazine that objectifies women on a constant basis proclaims men who objectify women are “effing horrible.” They felt so strongly about their hypocritical stance that they wrote an entire article on it.

Fast forward two years later and this same magazine has an article and tweet that blatantly objectifies men. They feature of picture of men at the Olympics zeroed in on their crotches while wearing their swimsuits declaring their “bulges,” i.e. penis, deserve a gold medal.


But, that’s not objectification, right?

Here are the two tweets side by side, just to put Cosmopolitan’s sexist hypocrisy on even more clear display.

CosmopolitanHypocrisyLet’s also remind Cosmopolitan of their typical, objectification of women as sex objects that grace the cover of their magazine on a monthly basis.

Here are just a few to check out as examples.



Hey, Cosmo. Looks like you’re the guilty one when it comes to objectification of women. Own it.


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Jennifer Burke
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