Leftist Loon Lena Dunham: White Women Who Voted for Trump Hate Themselves

Here we go again. Looney leftist Lena Dunham is taking the guilt-tripping using identity politics and leftist lingo to an entirely new and disgusting level.

On Tuesday night, Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton once again saw her dreams of being president slip through her corrupt hands. As happened in 2008 in the Democrat primary against Barack Obama, Hillary was once again defeated by an insurgent candidate who took the political world by surprise and by storm.

Despite the left’s belief that Donald Trump would fail to garner much support from Hispanics due to his vow to build a wall at the southern border and deport illegal immigrants, Trump actually received 29% of the Hispanic vote. Even more damning for Hillary, Trump received 56% of the vote from white women.

And that’s where Looney Lena comes in.

Dunham, who was a big-time Hillary supporter who even campaigned on her behalf frequently wearing clothes with “Hillary Clinton” sprawled across it, is devastated. Beyond being devastated at Trump’s historic victory over Hillary Clinton, becoming the first person who has neither political nor military experience to win the presidency, Dunham is angry at white people.

Why? Because, according to Dunham, who worked on Hillary’s campaign for 18 months, Trump’s victory was because white people didn’t recognize their privilege and white women who voted for him hate themselves.

Lena Dunham, who once admitted to sexually molesting her little sister when they were younger, doing things to her that a sexual predator would do, penned an article for Lenny Letter in which she expressed her disgust that ‘men got what they wanted,’ laments those white people who didn’t recognize their privilege and verbally attacked white women who dared to vote for Trump.

I’ll spare you the entirety of her self-indulgence but will share with you this key, disgusting, judgmental part from a member of the supposed ‘open-minded, tolerant, and loving left.’

We believed that on November 9, they’d be licking their wounds while we celebrated. It is painful on a cellular level knowing those men got what they wanted, just as it’s painful to know you are hated for daring to ask for what is yours. It’s painful to know that white women, so unable to see the unity of female identity, so unable to look past their violent privilege, and so inoculated with hate for themselves, showed up to the polls for him, too. My voice was literally lost when I woke up, squeaky and raw, and I ached in the places that make me a woman, the places where I’ve been grabbed so carelessly, the places we are struggling to call our own.

Seriously? Grabbed in the places we are struggling to call our own? Do you mean like your sister who you admitted to sexually violating?

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Leave it to Looney Lena Dunham to continue to push identity politics even after the ultimate push for identity politics, the attempt to get women to vote for corrupt Hillary Clinton because she has a vajayjay, didn’t work. This is a clear indication that even after being rejected, this is all the left has. Identity politics, insults, and division.


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