Leftist Loudmouths at ‘The View’ Go Full-On Sexist Against Carly Fiorina


The left loves to complain about a war on women by Republicans, something they invented with their demented minds as they push for free birth control and free abortion on demand. They make demands that Republicans and Christians “stay out of their uterus,” as if they are trying to get in, while simultaneously expecting taxpayers to foot the bill for abortion and birth control. Then, their uterus and decisions affecting it becomes the problem of everyone. If you don’t support this, then you are accused of a war on women.

It should be noted that this war on women, in the minds of the left, does not apply to them and their interaction with and discussion regarding conservative women. If a woman is conservative, they are fair game for the left’s attack in their hypocritical minds. That double standard hypocrisy was put on full and glaring display with what the cackling hens on ABC’s The View said about Republican presidential candidate and former CEO Carly Fiorina.

On Thursday morning’s show, the co-hosts on The View entered into a discussion on the third GOP presidential debate which was held on CNBC the previous night. The women decided to take the baton of CNBC with their attack dog tactics and went after Fiorina.

With Halloween only a few days away, these disgusting women on The View decided to make fun of Carly Fiorina’s looks, going so far as to say she looked demented and that a mask of her face would be great for Halloween.

Co-host Michelle Collins said, “You know what Carly said which really made me laugh? She kicked off her thing saying, “You know, people tell me that I didn’t smile enough during the last debate.” She looked demented. Her mouth did not downturn one time.”

Lead windbag Joy Behar then chimed in while laughing and said, “I wish it was a Halloween mask. I’d love that.”

Collins added, “Smiling Fiorina? Can you imagine? It’d give me nightmares.”

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At least one person took issue with the attack on Fiorina and the use of the word demented, to which Whoopi Goldberg replied that “we have to stand up for the words we use.”

I’ll remember that, Whoopi, when someone from the left comes after me for calling you and your crew douchebags for your own personal war on a conservative woman, Carly Fiorina.

This is the real left. They talk a good game when it comes to demands for respect and their fabricated Republican war on women. But, they don’t give women on the right side of the aisle any respect, as was clear on The View. While painting themselves as victims, they victimize Republican women with low blow attacks.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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