Leftist Rag Posts Tasteless Tweet to Announce Death of Fred Thompson; Gets Lit Up on Twitter

On Sunday, the family of actor, former senator and former GOP presidential candidate Fred Thompson announced that he had passed away after lymphoma, which he has battled in the past, returned. Thompson, who was an attorney during the Watergate investigation of Richard Nixon, was hard-hitting regarding the corruption of our government, especially the Democrat party.

When news of Thompson’s passing was announced, many a media outlet reported it. But, the far-left rag Gawker decided to go downright tasteless in reporting his death, insulting Thompson shortly after he died, before his body was even cold.

The leftists at Gawker demonstrated with this tweet that the claim of liberal love and tolerance is a flat out lie.

Gawker must be proud of and stand by their attack on a dead man because 17 hours later, the tweet is still there. They did, however, face condemnation for their classlessness on Twitter.

This exchange between two people about this abominable tweet by Gawker perhaps wins the day of Gawker-bashing.

Well said, gentlemen and shame on you, Gawker.

h/t Twitchy

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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