Leftist Rag Thought They’d Trip Up Ted Cruz Over Obama’s ‘Faith;’ Gets ‘Cruzified’

Leftist lamestream media reporters are desperately out to bait Republican presidential candidates into calling pro-Islam, anti-Christian Marxist President Barack Obama, apparently admitting it would be a derogatory term so that they can then accuse the GOP candidate of either being mean-spirited or crazy, a “Muslim.”

Donald Trump, Ben Carson and now constitutional conservative Ted Cruz were dealt the dreaded Obama-Muslim gotcha question.

When asked whether Ted Cruz was “one of those” people who believe Obama is a Muslim rather than a Christian by a reporter from leftist rag The Huffington Post, Cruz not only didn’t get tripped up, but answered the question. As expected, Cruz knocked the curveball out of the stadium.

“You know, the president’s faith is between him and God,” Cruz responded. “I’m not going to speculate on the president’s faith. What I will talk about is his policies,” he answered.

“And his policies have been profoundly damaging to this country,” Cruz continued. “Number one, his policies and this administration’s animosity to religious liberty and, in fact, antagonism to Christians, has been one of the most troubling aspects of the Obama administration. We have seen a war on faith,” the Texas senator asserted.

Cruz, who several weeks ago held a large rally in support of religious liberty, gave the example of the Obama Regime persecuting the Little Sisters of the Poor, threatening to fine them millions of dollars, because they won’t take part in the anti-life, pro-infanticide part of the hated Obamacare debacle.

“A really good rule of thumb is that if you’re litigating against Catholic nuns, you’ve done something wrong,” Cruz said, somewhat jokingly, saying that it’s not just Obama’s war on religious liberty that’s a problem, but also Obama’s advancement of radical Islamic terrorism.

“This president — his policies — have facilitated the rise of radical Islamic terrorism across the globe. And it speaks volumes that President Obama is unwilling to utter the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism.’ When there’s a terrorist attack in Paris, he wrongfully refers to it as a ‘random act of violence.'”

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So if Obama is a Christian, he’s the first one I’ve ever seen who never sides with Christians, hates Jews and Israel, bashes the Bible, Jesus and Christianity wherever he gets the chance, and does everything possible to favor his allies in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Yes, only God knows Obama’s heart, assuming the pathological liar has a heart, but the Bible also says to “judge them by their fruit,” and Obama’s fruit is rotten to the core.

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Matthew K. Burke
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