Leftist Seth Rogen Reveals his Inner Racist with this Hateful Tweet to Dr. Ben Carson

Liberals love to claim that they love black people. But, the dirty truth is that they want to control black people by telling them what to think, what to believe politically and who to vote for. If a black person dares to exercise some critical thinking on their own, looking at the belief systems, history, and policies of political parties, and decides not to be a Democrat, then the left’s love for that black person goes out the window.

If that black person decides they are a Republican, then they are ridiculed and called every racist and bigoted name that supposed loving lefty can think of, from an Uncle Tom to a house ni**er and anything insulting in between. Or, that leftist might make that black person who dared step out of line the target in another way, as did leftist actor Seth Rogen.

After years of people being told that if they didn’t happily accept every policy by Barack Obama, if they didn’t welcome his usurping of the Constitution with open arms, and if they didn’t think he was the absolute best thing since sliced bread, then they are a racist, the left’s tune has taken a dramatic shift now that a black man is not only running for the GOP presidential nomination, but is consistently number two in the polls.

That black man is renowned pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson.

As Carson’s numbers have surged, the leftist media has worked to destroy him. Now, it looks like Seth Rogen wants in on the action of demeaning Dr. Ben Carson and “putting him in his place because he’s too uppity.”

Now granted, that’s not exactly what Rogen said, but that is what leftists, especially white leftists, mean when they attack a black person who will not walk in lockstep with them and mindlessly follow their lead.

Yesterday, leftist ‘fashion’ rag GQ Magazine, published an article taking a shot a Dr. Carson. The article was entitled “F*ck Ben Carson.” The profanity laced article was a liberal hit piece and an attempt to destroy Carson, a man whose life story would be one that Democrats would celebrate if only he weren’t a Republican.

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Seth Rogen, who once said where he comes from communism isn’t a terrible word, must have been itching to get in on the action and let his racism show by following GQ’s lead with this tweet.

Ben Carson is one of the most mild-mannered men you’ll ever meet. He’s also principled, and lefties have hated the hard-line he has taken on Islam and the stand he has taken for the lives of the unborn. So, Rogen felt he had to put Carson in his place, thereby putting on full display the incredible hypocrisy and hatred of the left. His tweet, which is currently still on Twitter, has been retweeted by 2,300 hate-filled bigots and favorited another 4,600.

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Like most liberals, Rogen will probably get a pass for this blatant, hate-filled tweet that revealed his true racism and hatred of blacks. If you want to hold him accountable for his words, venture over to his Facebook page or Twitter account and let him know exactly how you feel about him telling Dr. Carson ‘f*ck you.”

h/t Daily Caller

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