Lefty Website Mocks the Death of Mike Pence’s Dog; Gets Called to the Carpet Bigtime

Mike and Karen Pence and their dog, Maverick

Indiana Governor and Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence announced the death of his beloved dog, Maverick, Thursday on Twitter. Maverick, a 13-year old beagle, had passed away the previous night. Pence’s post included a picture of him and his wife Karen along with their sweet boy. It also included the following touching message.

“Heavy hearts today. Our beagle of 13 years passed away quietly last night. Rest In Peace, Maverick. We will miss you.”

Regardless of politics, one would think that people would be able to react to Pence’s loss with kindness and love. After all, hasn’t the left adopted the phrase “Love Trumps Hate” as part of their campaign against Donald Trump?

Obviously, the far-left website Jezebel didn’t get the message that “Love Trumps Hate,” or they are simply colossal douchebags. (I’d vote for the latter.) The editors at Jezebel showed what low-lives they truly are when they used the death of Pence’s loyal beagle as a way to ridicule and mock him.

Here is what constitutes journalism and manifestation of  “love trumping hate” at Jezebel.


What. The. Hell?

The title of this trash article is bad enough. Here’s the tasteless snark that the jerkwad of an author wrote.

Tragedy has befallen the Trump-Pence campaign, which was already struggling, and it comes in the form of that tiny, pup-sized grim reaper who comes for all doggies eventually.

The Slot sends our thoughts and prayers to Maverick and family during this sad time.

The “thoughts and prayers” just ooze with insincerity given the fact that you are openly mocking the death of a beloved and faithful companion to the Pence family because he is on the opposite side of the political aisle than you advocate. Would you write this kind of filth of one of the Obama dogs died? Did you mock Obama for eating dogs when he was younger? Those are rhetorical questions because we all know the answer. No, you didn’t.

It didn’t take long from people from various different political persuasions to let Jezebel know that this outright mockery of the death of Pence’s dog was not cool.



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