Liberal Alan Dershowitz: Democrats ‘Doomed’ if They Move Further to the Left [VIDEO]

Alan Dershowitz, Keith Ellison, Bernie Sanders

Barack Obama has led the Democrat Party off the deep end the past eight years, a fact that progressive leftist Democrats have a difficult time admitting, even though lefty media like the Washington Post has reported on the massive losses experienced by the party as Obama moved the party toward embracing anti-American, anti-freedom communism.

Now, perhaps he’s a voice in the wilderness, but one honest liberal wants to stop the bleeding from the party that used to be considered “for the little guy” and now is seen by many to be an irrelevant and out of touch party of coastal elitist snobs and deviants.

Respected liberal legal scholar Alan Dershowitz, appearing on FOX & Friends Saturday morning, said the Democrat Party is doomed if it continues to follow Muslim Brotherhood stooge Keith Ellison and Soviet-Style socialist Bernie Sanders further to the left politically.

“Sanders, first of all, was never a Democrat,” Dershowitz said, “He was an Independent and a socialist. He is not the mainstream of the Democratic Party and if the party moves left toward Sanders, toward Keith Ellison, it’s doomed.

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Dershowitz argued that Democrats won a lot more elections before it was overtaken by radical leftists and said that he wants “to return America to the center, where good conservatives and good liberals — centrists can argue with each other” and “get the radicals — the extreme leftists like Sanders — marginalized along with the extreme rightists like the alt-right.”

Dershowitz, who threatened to leave the Democrat Party if they would have voted in anti-Semitic Keith Ellison to chair the Democratic National Committee (they didn’t, but he was given the position of vice chairman), said that “Democrats have to move to the center, not the left.”

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