Liberal Howard Dean Reveals Remarkable Truth About Labor Unions [VIDEO]

In an effort to offer a shield of protection to entrenched, corrupt Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, former DNC Chair Howard Dean, who derailed his own presidential campaign in 2004 with a wild scream that made him look like an insane lunatic, threw labor unions under the bus.

During the Democrat debate on MSNBC Thursday night, Hillary Clinton was asked about the numerous speeches she has given to Wall Street and corporations. She’s earned millions giving these speeches.

Given the fact that Hillary rails against corporations, Wall Street, and ‘the rich,’ an inquiry was made regarding whether she would provide transcripts of these speeches. In his defense of this, Dean really stepped in it.

Dean was so desperate to play protectionist for the corrupt Clinton that he went on the attack against avowed Socialist and Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for his speeches to labor unions, throwing the group that heavily supports the Democrat party under the bus.

He said, “Why does Hillary Clinton have to put up with a double standard? I don’t hear anybody asking Bernie Sanders for his transcripts for some speech he made with a labor union.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Dean picked up a shovel and dug his hole even deeper. He continued, “For Bernie to say that he doesn’t have a super PAC, labor unions are super PACs. Now they’re super PACs that Democrats like, so we don’t go after labor unions.”

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And he kept digging deeper, insinuating that attacking super PACs but not labor unions is a double-standard.

“This is a double-standard. I’m tired of the attacks on Hillary Clinton’s integrity. I think they are unwarranted.”

Howard Dean, who is also the former Governor of Vermont, the very state that Sanders represents as a Senator, may be forced to turn in his progressive card.

h/t Daily Caller

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