Liberal Jon Bon Jovi Probably Angered a Lot of Progressive Fans with this Sign of Support for Israel

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During the 2012 Democrat National Convention, delegates to the convention were opposed to the mention of God in their party platform as well as any mention of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. In drafting the platform, Democrat leaders left those two things out. When an attempt was made to add that back in, it didn’t go very well.

When an amendment was introduced to add those two things to the official Democrat Party platform, a recognition of God and of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel, Democrat delegates loudly voted nay. The vote was taken three times. Even though there it seems as if the nays outweighed the yays each time, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa deemed the amendment passed. It was then that Democrats booed loudly.

The left has worked to push God out of society for years. It has gotten so bad that Christian owned businesses have been sued by their state governments and the Obama regime for exercising their religious liberty. If you’re a Christian and you own a bakery then decline to bake a cake for a homosexual marriage, you are deemed a bigot and sued. If you are a Christian group or business, even the nuns from Little Sisters of the Poor, and do not want to provide abortions and birth control pills on insurance because it goes against your faith, you are sued by the Obama regime.

The antagonism towards Christians, Israel, and God is real and sadly growing at a rapid rate. That makes this latest move by Jon Bon Jovi, who is a liberal, even more incredible.

While performing in Tel Aviv at a concert that began minutes after a terrorist attack in Jerusalem, Jon Bon Jovi introduced a new song, “We Will Not Run,” and dedicated it to Israel. He proclaimed that the song should be Israel’s fight song.

Here is the refrain of the song.

I’m not afraid of burning bridges / ‘Cause I know they’re gonna light my way / Like a Phoenix, from the ashes / Welcome to the future, it’s a new day/ We don’t run / I’m standing my ground / We don’t run / And we don’t back down / There’s fire in the sky / There’s thunder on the mountains / Bless each tear and this dirt I was born in, (run) / We don’t run / We don’t run.

The Times of Israel reported on that touching moment when Bon Jovi dedicated the song to Israel and acknowledging his keyboard player, who is Jewish, telling him that his father would be proud of him performing in Israel.

A few songs into the show, he underlined his empathy with Israel by introducing a new song called “We Don’t Run,” released earlier this summer, with the comment: “This should be the fight song for Tel Aviv.”

And later in the performance, the New Jersey-born rocker name-checked his keyboard player, the Jewish musician David Bryan (Rashbaum), by saying that “your father would be proud of you” for being in Israel pounding the piano.

Probably unbeknown to the band, the concert began minutes after a terrorist attack in Jerusalem 60 kilometers (some 40 miles) away, when a Palestinian man stabbed two Israelis to death in the Old City, and injured two others.

“Good evening Tel Aviv, Israel! Are you ready for rock ‘n roll? I’ve waited a long time for this, baby!” Bon Jovi called out to fans packed into Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park before opening with the song “That’s What the Water Made Me.”

“We finally made it here. It took us a long time, and we still have a ways to go tonight. Are you with me?” he asked.

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I don’t always agree with political stands taken by Jon Bon Jovi, though his band was one of my absolute favorites growing up and still is, but I must give him props for taking a stand for Israel and dedicating a song to that country.

During Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent speech before the United Nations, in which he admonished the group for turning their back on Israel when they are in their greatest peril and not condemning Iran whose intention is to destroy his country, he gave an epic 40-second stare down to those in the audience.. Neither U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Powers nor U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry attended the speech. They were pulled by Obama before Netanyahu spoke.

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That speaks volumes as to how Israel is viewed and treated, even by the Obama regime.

At a time when it is unpopular to take a stand for Israel, Jon Bon Jovi did. And for that, he deserves some recognition.

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