Liberal ‘Journalists’ Try to School Ted Cruz on Gun Safety… They FAIL MISERABLY.

It’s odd that so often the people who appear to know the least about firearms are the very same ones who wish to lecture the rest of America on the “rights” and “wrongs” of firearm usage, safety and other technical details.

Recently, Gizmodo reporter Wes Siler trained his sights on Second Amendment advocate and 2016 presidential contender Sen. Ted Cruz. The Texan has a long, proud history of gun ownership and recently spoke with reports while out hunting. The Texas senator spoke with a break-action, over-under shotgun unloaded over his shoulder. The below video shows the scene and as anyone can see, the senator is exercising perfect gun safety. The gun is unloaded, his hand is far from the trigger and, as is customary with break-action shotguns, the gun is slung over his shoulder in a manner that physically prohibits even the slightest possibility of ever firing a shotgun shell (even if there were shells in the gun, which was clearly not the case.)

Still, Siler had his target and took the Republican to task for his supposed lack of gun safety.

Siler wrote,

“Staunch gun rights advocate Ted Cruz is here seen holding a shotgun while being interviewed by CNN. Can you see what he’s doing wrong? That’s right, he’s violating the first two rules of gun safety.”

Siler then rattled-off a few cardinal rules of gun safety.

When you learn to shoot, apply for a hunting or carry license and any time you’re at a gun range, there’s four basic rules of gun safety that — and this is impressed on you very strongly — must be observed at all times:

  1. Treat all guns as if they are loaded.

  2. Never point a firearm at something you’re not willing to destroy.

  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

  4. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

He’s not wrong. These are good lessons. However, as anyone who has ever had even a cursory affiliation with a firearm could attest, Sen. Cruz violated none of these guidelines.

Still, Siler persisted moved-in for the kill and blasted Cruz, writing,

“With an unknown number of people in front and presumably to his sides, the best way to carry his gun in this particular case would be to hold it sideways, low and pointed down.

So what’s the point? As such an outspoken gun rights advocate, Cruz should also consider himself an ambassador for gun safety, particularly when choosing to make a national TV appearance while carrying one.”

“He’s either a poser who doesn’t really hunt, or just a blindingly dangerous nincompoop. He’s got moves like Cheney.”

Siler’s scolding is reminiscent of Carolyn McCarthy’s embarrassing lack of knowledge.

Years back, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, a single-minded anti-gun crusader, spoke with Tucker Carlson to discuss her proposed legislation to ban any scary-looking gun. Her legislation proposed banning barrel shrouds, a cosmetic feature that, as the name suggests, covers the barrel so that one does not need to place his hand on a hot barrel.

When Carlson asked point-blank if she knew what the device was, she ducked and dodged. Carlson did not let up, so the tyrant who was trying to ban barrel shrouds was forced to admit that she didn’t even know what it was, answering that it was a “shoulder thing.”

As astoundingly stupid as Siler’s analysis was, the even bigger shock is that someone, somewhere took his gun safety lecture seriously.

Wonkette’s Kaili Joy Gray joined in the moronic chorus to blast Cruz, writing,

Here’s something that is not even a tiny bit funny: Ted Cruz casually and negligently mishandling a deadly weapon. You can watch the video, if you’re craving some Cruz blah blahing about why a Republican like Sean Hannity should moderate the Republican debates, but you’re not missing anything there.

What you’ll want to not miss is the picture above, of Cruz demonstrating how to “accidentally” kill someone, maybe in that farmhouse not far behind him. Oops, bang bang, sorry, kid — you’re dead.

Cruz, who so loves his guns that he supposedly uses them to fry up his breakfast bacon, is demonstrating to the kids at home exactly how not to handle a gun….

The muzzle of Ted Cruz’s break-action gun is pointing all over the place — at the buildings, at people who might be behind him, but he doesn’t know because he’s not looking over his shoulder — instead of at the ground, in front of him, where he can see it. That’s where you are supposed to point your gun, even if if if if and if. Always.

As a passionate gun enthusiast and advocate for completely unregulated gun ownership — a position very few gun owners, including NRA members, agree with — Cruz should not only know better, but he should show better. He should be a model of responsible gun ownership, not just a blowhard in a hunting costume, posing with his deadly long-arm prop and making silly ads about wrapping bacon around his dick. Sorry, “machine gun.”  That is, if he’s the gun enthusiast he claims to be and has ever shot a gun when the cameras aren’t rolling.

We can, and do, argue about how to reduce the number of gun deaths in America. Fewer guns, less accessible ammo, stricter background checks, stronger mental healthcare. All of the above.

But here is a FACT that is not debatable: We can reduce those “accidental” gun deaths to zero if every single gun owner in America, like Ted Cruz, follows the fucking rules. Every single time. No exceptions.

Gray’s little diatribe would be entertaining if it were not entirely predicated upon a shocking ignorance of the subject matter. There are few things so unintentionally funny as an ignorant liberal posturing upon self-righteousness when they are so demonstrably wrong.

It is certainly no crime to be unfamiliar with firearms, their usage or the mechanics of them. However, if a journalist is going to slam a presidential contender (or if a lawmaker is going to ban a cosmetic gun feature) they should sure as hell know what they’re talking about.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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