Liberal Senator Can’t Name a SINGLE Hillary Accomplishment, Has to GOOGLE it During Interview

When I die, it is my sincerest hope that whoever eulogizes me can point to some kind of accomplishment of note. If the best that they can come up with is, “Greg… he, uh, he sure was good at whistling,” it would signal a complete waste of my time on Earth.

Similarly, if someone serves for eight years in the U.S. Senate, a colleague who served with her should be able to note a single accomplishment. An inability to cite a single accomplishment would signal a pathetic tenure in office.

Despite the fact that she could not name a single accomplishment of Hillary Clinton’s during her time in the Senate, tenured Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein continues to endorse Clinton in her bid for the Oval Office.

Feinstein met with The San Francisco Chronicle’s editorial board on Tuesday to discuss a new water plan. However, when the board asked her about her endorsement of Clinton and asked her to cite an accomplishment of Clinton’s whilst in the Senate, Feinstein blanked and had to Google it.

It is unclear as to whether she found anything worth noting.

“As someone who worked with Hillary Clinton for nearly a decade in the Senate, what in your view was her signature accomplishment as a senator?” the board asked.

Seemingly stumped, Feinstein replied,

“Golly, I forget what bills she’s been part of or authored. I didn’t really come prepared to discuss this.”

“But she’s been a good senator,” said Feinstein. “There are things outside of bills that you can do, and I know that she’s done them for her state.”

Clinton authored only three laws during her stint in the Senate- over eight years. She co-sponsored 74 bills. Her authored bills designated a highway, post office and government building in New York.

Feinstein cited Clinton’s support of healthcare for children, but that was during her time as First Lady.

“I should have a list,” said Feinstein. “Get on Google,” she told her aide.

Feinstein claimed that it was difficult for someone to make a name for themselves in the Senate and get things accomplished in such a supposedly short amount of time.

“I couldn’t have done that as a freshman (senator) or even as a sophomore,” she said. “[Clinton] was never there long enough to achieve the degree of seniority that affords her the ability to do more.”

Clinton was in the Senate for over eight years and came with a great deal of name recognition as the former First Lady. Further, as the editorial board pointed-out, Feinstein was elected in 1992 to the Senate and within two years, helped combat the formidable power of the NRA in passing the Assault Weapons Ban in 1994, a bill which she authored.

Still, according to Feinstein, Clinton was unable to make a name for herself because of her limited amount of time in the Senate. Still, despite this lack of accomplishment, Clinton was nominated for the presidency, appointed as the Secretary of State and is now leading the Democratic field for the presidency.

Not bad for someone who’s colleague cannot remember a single accomplishment in the better part of a decade in the Senate…

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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