Liberals Want to ‘Rebrand’ the South, Make a Push to Replace the Confederate Flag With…

On June 17, 2015, a horrific crime occurred. Dylann Roof sat in a historically black church during a prayer service for an hour, then opened fire and killed eight people. He was obviously a disturbed young man, but he had been photographed in the past with a Confederate flag. So, liberals blamed the flag for the heinous act rather than the shooter himself. Ever since that day, there has been an all out assault on not only the Confederate flag, but anything related that the Confederacy part of the history of the South.

From the demand for the flag to be removed from state capitols, to the removal of the flag from the iconic General Lee from the hit show the Dukes of Hazzard, to vandalism on the grave sites of Confederate officers and soldiers, the assault on the South has been never-ending. There has even been a push, in some cases successful, to completely remove such statues or even relocate graves. Now, some liberals have a plan that they think will solve the whole Confederate flag controversy.

They want to ‘modernize the South’ by giving it an entirely new flag. After all, they said, the old one is 150 years old. Isn’t it time for something new?

These liberals just don’t get it, but of course they believe they know what’s best.

An NPR, national public radio, program called Studio 360 commissioned the Texas-based firm 70kft  to design a new flag to represent the ‘new South.’ Never mind that it still strikes away the history of the South and is therefore still an attack to rid this nation of that part of our history. For them, that’s not the point or obviously even a consideration. They insultingly believe the South should be ‘modernized’ and that Southerners should be happy with this new flag.

During an interview with, the firms founding principle and lead creative on this project to redesign the Confederate flag, Gus Granger, explained,”The South is unique as a region in that it already has an informal definition.” He added that there is a problem with this Southern definition because of people’s passion with an “out of date visual assets to help define its identity.”

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If you think that’s insulting pandering, then just keep reading.

Granger continued his holier than thou condescending insult of the South.

Granger said their goal was to “bring a modern visual language into the space for people that want to celebrate their legacy as Southerners,” not by eliminating or ignoring cultural differences but by respecting them.

In an online presentation, 70kft suggests: “the Confederate battle flag is a divisive symbol. Some see family and honor. Some see bigotry and hatred. If we can’t agree on the meaning, we can never be unified by it.”

Their new flag is representative of “the diverse array of backgrounds, opinions, values and perspectives now found throughout the region create the very fabric of the modern South.”

Why doesn’t Granger just come right out and call Southerners backwoods folks or, as Obama said, bitter clingers who cling to their guns and religion?

Though his words are dressed up to not sound so judgmental, condescending, or insulting, the reality is they are just that.

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Perhaps the left doesn’t understand what history is since they are constantly trying to rewrite it. You can’t modernize history. What a person or a nation goes through is an integral part of what shapes them into who they are today. To toss aside history, to ‘modernize it,’ is simply to discard it.

So, what do you think of this idea for a new flag to represent the South? Something tells me Southerners will take a line from a Johnny Paycheck song and change it up a bit to say, “Take this flag and shove it.”

Symbol from 70kft on Vimeo.

h/t Gateway Pundit

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