Liberals Won’t Like Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Approval Rating One Bit

The Left loathes Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott. In 2014, he trounced Wendy “Abortion Barbie” Davis who challenged him for the governorship. It was an embarrassing defeat. Since then, Abbott has done a lot to draw the ire of the Left.

He has stood up to Obama’s perverted transgender bathroom laws. He took on the Obama regime’s attempt to flood states with foreign invaders. Abbott stood up to atheists who mocked the Nativity scene at the Texas State Capitol with a satirical display. He has challenged the darling of the Left, the baby body parts chop shop Planned Parenthood. Heck, Abbott was even attacked by Leftists after he tweeted a Christian video on a Sunday.

Despite their desire to demonize and attack Greg Abbott, even disgustingly accusing him of faking being a paraplegic, the Left has not been able to negatively impact that popularity of the governor from the Lone Star State. A new poll by reveals that Greg Abbott has an approval rating of 63%, making him the sixth most popular governor in America.

The poll was conducted between May and early September of this year. During this time, Abbott was showing true leadership for his state by challenging Obama, defending the Constitution, and sending a clear message regarding state sovereignty.

Abbott’s “Don’t Mess with Texas” stance is apparently working, and the majority of Texans love it.

h/t Houston Chronicle

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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