Library of Congress Bows to False god of Political Correctness; Abolishes Two-Word Term

After receiving pressure from politically correct snowflakes at Dartmouth College, the Library of Congress has cowered to demands to abolish the words “illegal alien” or “illegal immigrant” when describing foreign invaders.

Dartmouth College, acting as a wing of the anti-American, open borders pushing progressive leftist Democrat Party, insisted that calling a foreigner who comes into the United States illegally an “illegal” is somehow discriminatory.

The members of the Dartmouth Coalition for Immigration Reform, Equality and DREAMers, also known as CoFIRED, fought to have the accurate terms eliminated after two years of whining.

To replace the terms “illegal alien” and “illegal immigrant,” the Dartmouth word police suggests calling the foreign invaders “non-citizens” and “unauthorized immigrants.”

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In a press release, WND reports that CoFIRED director Dennise Hernandez said: “We call on both politicians and media outlets to follow the precedent set by the Library of Congress. It is way past time that we all recognize that referring to immigrants as ‘illegal’ is an offensive, dehumanizing term and that there is no excuse to continue using it.”

As we’ve noted numerous times, political correctness is anti-free speech poison invented by communists which has as its main goal the elimination of dissenting thought or speech. It is not about being “civil” or about “protecting feelings.”

For more information on political correctness, i.e., cultural Marxism, please watch this hilarious viral video that mocks the hell out of the poisonous social justice warriors.

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Matthew K. Burke
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