Life-Endangering Insanity: FDNY Gives Woman SEVENTH Chance to Pass Physical Requirements Test

Do you believe in true equality? Should the sexes and the races be treated equally?

If you answered in the affirmative, you are a bigot and/or a sexist monster (according to the New York City Fire Department).

The FDNY is a world-famous organization of heroes. They run into burning and collapsing buildings as other rush out and the world will never forget what they did on that horrendous day in 2001. However, the prestigious organization has lowered itself to succumb to political correctness and this virulent breed of political correctness might just get people killed.

34-year-old Wendy Tapia has tried- and failed- a whopping six times to pass the physical requirements necessary to become one of New York’s bravest. Though most should wonder why she was allowed to try-out six times, the brass has offered her yet another chance to pass the test.

This time, however, she’s going to “pass.”

According to an anonymous FDNY employee, Tapia’s seventh attempt is really just a formality. Since the brass does not want another embarrassment, they will be rubber-stamping her approval regardless of whether or not she can hack it in the FDNY.

“She’ll graduate, no question,” the source said. “The department does­n’t want another black eye.”

In 2013, the Fire Academy allowed Tapia to graduate even though she failed the relatively-modest requirement that she be able to run 1.5 miles in under 12 minutes.

Had she been a man, however, she would have been disallowed from graduating.

After failing the sixth time (yes, sixth) she was assigned light duty at the FDNY and stationed at a Queens firehouse.

This is hardly the first time that the FDNY has cowered to political correctness. The Daily Caller notes:

In 2013, the Department allowed Choeurlyne Doirin-Holder to graduate even though she could not run 1.5 miles in 12 minutes and needed to walk part of the way, gasping for air.

She is “the most pathetic specimen of physical fitness I’ve ever seen,” one classmate told the Post.

Dorin-Holder, who looks quite chunky in her official picture, finally passed the test on her third attempt. But 10 days after reporting for work she went on medical leave because she injured her left foot after getting off a fire truck, according to the Post.

And this May, Rebecca Wax was allowed to graduate from the academy even though she failed the functional skills test.

Despite the obvious double standards at play with Doirin-Holder, Wax and Tapia, FDNY spokesman Jim Long insisted to the Post that, “All who enter the academy must meet the same requirements in order to graduate.”

We are a nation with no standards and where fair treatment is no longer good enough. Though we hear a great deal about the need for gender equality, what those harping about alleged “pay gaps” neglect to mention is that this radical breed of political correctness not only devalues the achievements of others, but puts lives in jeopardy.

Being a firefighter is not easy and the day will come when these women are tasked with the awesome responsibility of saving lives. When that day comes, those who are seeking a miracle in an oxygen tank to come rescue them deserve to have a professional, not a seven-time reject who is only there because of the plumbing God gave her and the overly-litigious nature of modern America.

Further, besides endangering the civilians she will soon be tasked with rescuing, imagine the dread that will now infest firehouses unlucky enough to be saddled with the reject.

Firefighters rely upon trust and comradery. That kind of trust is earned, not awarded and certainly not conned or leveraged with the threat of a lawsuit.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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