Did Lindsey Graham Just Turn on the GOP Establishment? Yes He Did! [VIDEO]

“I think Trump destroys the party. And if you parachute somebody in and try to ignore millions of votes, you’re going to destroy this party.” ~ Lindsey Graham 

It’s a wild, wild political season and it just got a lot crazier, but probably in a good way.

Senator Lindsey Graham , considered part of the GOP establishment and hardly a conservative, just issued a statement that the GOP establishment, the RINO Karl Rove and Mitch McConnell -types within the Republican Party, aren’t going to be happy with.

A week ago, the conniving Karl Rove came under fire for suggesting that a “fresh face,” i.e., someone other than delegate leaders Donald Trump or Ted Cruz , should be parachuted in to save the Republican Party establishment from defeat at the GOP convention, which will be held in July in Cleveland.

RINO Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, has been the name thrown around as the most likely establishment stooge to be thrust upon Republican voters at the GOP convention, even though Ryan has been clear that he has no such interest.

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Appearing on CBS This Morning Friday, Senator Graham shot back against such an underhanded strategy, and delivered a firm warning to Republican Party leadership, while encouraging Republican voters of all stripes to coalesce around Ted Cruz as he recently made the decision to do.

“Let me say this to my Republican friends. If you parachute somebody in just on electability — Paul Ryan’s a wonderful guy, doesn’t want to be put in this position —  I’m trying to get us the most viable nominee for 2016 that can win without destroying the party. 

I think Trump destroys the party. And if you parachute somebody in and try to ignore millions of votes, you’re going to destroy this party. 

So we are right back to Ted.” 

“Ted Cruz is a Republican. He’s smart as hell,” Lindsey Graham told Charlie Rose and the rest of the panel. “He’s run a very effective campaign…he is a real Republican from the more ideological spectrum than I am, but he would not destroy our party. Trump would.”

Graham properly opined that Cruz represents the “outside movement in the party,” and that “65 percent of Republicans are wanting someone outside the system.”

“Ted is in it, but he’s also an outsider,” Graham asserted.

The segment began with previous video clips of Graham being harshly critical of constitutional conservative Cruz, including his infamous statement that someone could shoot Cruz on the Senate floor and the shooter wouldn’t be convicted. Graham laughed.

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Clearly, at least some of the GOP establishment is beginning to see the light. It is notable that Ted Cruz has not had to change his principles, values or positions one iota. It’s the rest of the Republican Party that is coming his way — not the other way around. The GOP establishment has to either come Cruz’s way or be stuck with unhinged New York liberal Donald Trump as the party’s nominee — a path Graham and others (including Cruz) believes would be disastrous.

One of the goals of the pro-Constitution, pro-liberty grassroots Tea Party movement has always been to take over the Republican Party from within.

Graham said that if he can learn to come around to supporting Ted Cruz, “anybody can do it.”

In this presidential season, we are beginning to see evidence that the takeover is more than a pipe dream. The world clearly is upside down when Lindsey Graham starts making sense.


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Matthew K. Burke
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