LOL! Hillary’s Pandering to Latinos Backfires BIG TIME

Democrats have long tried to position themselves as the champion for minorities. While pushing policies that weaken the black community and black families, they simultaneously work to convince blacks that they are the only ones who truly care about them. Sadly, it works with over 90 percent of blacks voting Democrat.

One of the most egregious moments of pandering to blacks in history was Hillary Clinton speaking to a group of black people in the South. She entered into a fake “black Southern” accent complete with a horrible attempt at a drawl. While the audience laughed and clapped, Hillary did catch flack from others for this racist pandering moment. Now, it looks like Hillary is trying to outdo herself as the panderer extraordinaire with her latest “outreach” to Latinos.

Hillary began using her granddaughter as a political prop long before she was born. We’ve heard her talk about her not in a loving way that grandmothers typically do. As the Obamas have tried to liken themselves to the mom and dad of all Americans, Hillary tried to one-up them. She pushed herself as the grandmother who would take care of everyone because that’s what grandmothers do.

How pathetic.

But, Team Hillary just can’t get enough of their pandering. With a personality like a dry piece of toast, Hillary panders in a weak attempt to make others feel like she is down for the struggle and ‘just like them.’ (Although someone down for the struggle wouldn’t insist that the common folk be removed from the bathroom before they will enter as Hillary did during the Democrat debate. This elitist moment caused her to be late for the second half of the debate on ABC.)

In an attempt to lure Latinos to her campaign, Hillary launched a new section of her website entitled, “7 Things Hillary has in Common with your Abuela.” For those who do not know, abuela means grandmother in Spanish.

In addition to saying that “she knows what’s best,” Hillary also had some Spanish words sprinkled throughout her insultingly pandering site. Respeto (i.e. respect) seems to be a favorite. Too bad she didn’t have enough respect for those she is trying to reach to address real issues instead of selling herself as being just like their grandmother.

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This did not sit too well with many people, and they let her know on Twitter. #NotMyAbuela trended on Twitter on Tuesday and the tweets were highly critical.


Hillary’s pandering was given it’s own special name by The Hill, which dubbed it “Hispandering.”

No doubt, since she is a progressive, one Democrat mouthpiece after another will defend Hillary as “at least trying to connect” with Latinos, while they simultaneously accuse GOP presidential candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz as being “out of touch” with Latinos.

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