Los Angeles Advertises Itself as ‘Northern Capital of Latin America’ in Bid for 2024 Olympic Games

The City of Los Angeles is desperate to earn the selection as the host for the 2024 Olympic games. In pursuit of this honor, the city that has long served as a refuge to millions of criminals who have entered the country illegally now touts itself as the “Northern Capital of Latin America.”

To showcase their diversity and tolerance for millions of illegals who call Los Angeles home, the city created a video for the Olympic bid organizers where they bill themselves as the “western capital of the U.S., the northern capital of Latin America and the eastern capital of the Pacific Rim.”

“Hosting the Games in Los Angeles would give our city the chance to show the world how much has changed in 40 years,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a statement on bid committee’s website. “This bid is a bold vision for an innovative, sustainable and inspiring Los Angeles 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games that will benefit our community, the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Movement.”

The city has welcomed millions of illegals into the U.S. as America slides further and further towards complete cultural and societal decay as the rule of law is purposely ignored by liberals and turncoat “Republicans” in furtherance of a political agenda.

The below video is just over a minute and offers a nauseating glimpse into how Los Angeles officials see their city:

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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