Los Angeles City Council Passes NEW Anti-Second Amendment Law

“High-capacity magazines’ is a made-up term that purposefully misleads. Like “assault weapon,” the point is to confuse and terrify the ignorant. Surely, nobody can defend the use of those “military-style assault weapons with the high-capacity magazines,” can they? The definitions are flimsy and arbitrary. What “high-capacity” is in New York is not what “high-capacity” is in California.

California has never been friendly to the Second Amendment, but have stopped short of banning so-called “high-capacity” magazines all together.

Currently, the law bans the purchase, manufacture, and importation of new “high capacity” magazines into California.

Without a pre-emption statute governing state law as supreme, however, other jurisdictions get to make-up the rules as they go along.

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council did exactly that when they banned not the purchase of such magazines, but the mere possession of them as well. They banned the possession of gun magazines that carry more than 10 rounds.

Even scarier: the vote was unanimous, 12-0.

Those who possess “high-capacity” magazines will soon need to take them out of the city or otherwise turn them over to the police so that the police may destroy them.

CBS reports on the decision:

“The state of California acted to ban the sale of these magazines long ago,” said L.A. City Councilman Paul Krekorian. “You cannot sell, you cannot manufacture, you cannot import these magazines. But incongruously, amazingly, the state did not do anything to act to prohibit possession of these magazines.”


“So today, you can get on the Internet, and within about three minutes, you can find any number of sellers who will ship you one of those hundred-round drum magazines,” Krekorian added.


In a statement released to CBS2/KCAL9, National Rifle Association (NRA) spokeswoman Amy Hunter said: “Instead of passing new gun bans that criminals ignore and prosecutors neglect — while leaving good, law-abiding citizens disarmed — maybe Los Angeles should improve its shameful record as one of the worst cities in the U.S.when it comes to enforcing existing federal gun laws against criminals.”


The NRA statement referenced a March 2013 report in U.S. News that found the districts that include Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City ranked last in terms of federal gun law enforcement in 2012.

To recap: the state has declared that previously-legal property must now be seized as contraband and no provisions have been made to compensate magazine owners for the seizure and destruction of their personal property that was, up until Monday, perfectly legal to own.

Not only is this an affront to the Second Amendment, but it is pretty clearly a violation of our Fourth Amendment liberties as well.

I’m sure that L.A.’s Bloods and Crips will fully abide by this decision, so the good people of Los Angeles should sleep a little better knowing that their crime-riddled cesspool of gang violence is now safer.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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