Louie Gohmert Reveals Two Key Words Left Out of Anti-Terror Bill

The Countering Terrorist Radicalization Act, H.R. 5471, passed the U.S. Congress in flying colors last week in the aftermath of the recent Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando — a bill that aims to push back on terrorist propaganda — by a huge margin of 402-15, with 14 members not voting.

Only three Republicans voted against the bill, congressmen Thomas Massie (KY), Justin Amash (MI), and Louie Gohmert (TX).

Rep. Gohmert explained his “no” vote, noting that the bill, which was introduced by RINO Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) leaves out the term “radical Islam,” as well as other terms deemed politically incorrect by the Obama Regime, like “Islamist,” “jihad,” or other words that may be considered offensive to Muslims as part of Obama’s war on truth.

“It never mentions the term ‘radical Islam,’ and after the Orlando shooting, we have an obligation when the administration won’t call it what it is, to start calling it what it is,” Gohmert said on the House floor on Thursday.

Instead of fighting radical Islamism or radical Islamic terrorism, the bill describes the enemy of America in a vague, non-descriptive Orwellian way, something called CVE, or “countering violent extremism,” whatever that means.

Gohmert further revealed that the nation’s intelligence community risks losing their career if they describe terrorism in a manner that is politically incorrect.

“Every Republican I’ve heard speak on this issue, including those from Homeland Security, have acknowledged the president and our intelligence need to start talking about jihad, Muslim, Islam, radical Muslim, radical Islam, Muslim Brotherhood, and they’re not allowed to talk about it without risking their career and that’s why I voted no on the bill today,” Gohmert added.

Last week, Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (HI) broke ranks with the Obama and the PC Police, stating that it was “crazy” for Obama to sugar-coat radical Islamic terrorism with politically correct, vague terms like “violent extremism,” a term that could be defined in many different ways.

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It remains a mystery how a nation plans on defeating an enemy whose leaders are so worried about defending it, that they are unwilling to call it by its name.

Watch below, via CNS News:

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