Louie Gohmert: ‘The FBI Can’t Prosecute Hillary Without Prosecuting Obama’ [VIDEO]

Conservative Texas Congressman Louis Gohmert is not at all surprised that FBI director James Comey let Hillary Clinton off the hook again on Sunday, stating that the “FBI can’t prosecute Hillary without prosecuting Obama” and that they’re “obviously not going to do that in this [Obama/Loretta Lynch] justice department.”

On the FOX Business Network with David Asman following the release of Comey’s latest letter to Congress, a letter that stated that conclusion he reached in July not to recommend indictment of Hillary Clinton would stand, Rep. Gohmert said Clinton is safe from indictment as long as she doesn’t criticize the Obama regime.

“I said the first of the year and I told you again last week, as long as Hillary Clinton does not condemn the Obama administration — doesn’t criticize it — they will not indict her.” 

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Congressman Gohmert said that Comey had to stave off FBI agents threatening to leave the agency by acting like he was going to investigate Clinton again, only to finally come to the rescue by effectively announcing two days before the election that “there’s nothing there.”

“The biggest loser here is the American people and the good FBI agents that want justice done,” Gohmert asserted.

Gohmert said that the only way for Clinton to be served justice would be for Trump to get elected and clean out the justice department of Loretta Lynch, who he referred to as the “defender-in-chief” and her ilk. Gohmert also said that the manner in which FBI director James Comey has dealt with the Clinton scandals means it’s also time for him to go.


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