Low Energy? Is this Woman’s Reaction to Jeb Bush’s Speech a Sign that Donald Trump is Right? [VIDEO]

Donald Trump has hammered his fellow 2016 Republican presidential primary candidate Jeb Bush as being low energy and boring. Bush, whose campaign logo ironically includes an exclamation point after his name, just has not been able to generate the excitement and enthusiasm that one would think the exclamation point would warrant.

Though Bush has tried to fight back against Trump’s butter knife cutting accusations, he just can’t seem to escape the shadows of boredom. One woman’s reaction to his campaign speech on Thursday gave Donald Trump even more ammunition to use against Bush as a boring guy.

While the entire audience could easily be described as disengaged and far from enthusiastic, one woman’s reaction is truly an embarrassment for the candidate the GOP elite and establishment desperately want to be the front runner. The unidentified woman, who is positioned in the audience behind Jeb in full view of the camera, can be seen checking her watch, sleeping, yawning, and looking just overall and generally bored.

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Something tells me we may see this in an anti-Bush ad by someone, perhaps the Trump campaign, as Jeb is continued to be portrayed as a “boring guy.”

h/t The Daily Caller

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