OP-ED: Lyin’ Liberal Donnie and the Death of the GOP

Indiana votes today and lyin’ liberal Donnie is on the ballot.  Today isn’t simply a primary. It is the day that could decide whether the Republican Party lives.

The Republican Party lies in intensive care, hanging between the world of the political living and the oblivion inhabited by the Whig Party.

Why is lyin’ liberal Donnie killing the Republican Party and is there a chance to save it?

If the Republican Party has a tombstone, it will say, “Cause of death: Being Trumped.”

Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign by announcing he would build a fence on the border with Mexico and send illegal aliens back.  Trump’s message was one of the most carefully packaged marketing schemes politics has ever seen.  Trump has been fueled by an unprecedented level of free media.

Trump events are covered live, almost end to end by the media. The Trump infomericals lack only a 1-900 number for Trump at the bottom.

What happens if Trump wins?

It is a political disaster for the Republican Party. The Party dies. It is that simple.

Trump was interviewed by the editorial board of the New York Times. In that meeting, which was off the record and Trump refuses to allow the Times to release, Trump is rumored to have said that he did not really mean his promises about the wall and sending illegal aliens home.

Anyone with three functioning brain cells knows the wall is a joke. It would be prohibitively expensive to build. In some areas along the border, it would be impossible to build.  Congress has to appropriate the money for that and the chances of that are slim.

Trump’s deportation plans are simply touch back amnesty.  His supporters seem to ignore the part where he tells everyone, “You must leave but you will be welcomed back.”

The problem with illegal aliens is not only that they are illegal. The problem is they came here illegally and are taking jobs from Americans.

What happens to the rabid Trump supporters when Trump pulls a Romney and flip flops for the general election?

Trump has already been hinting at this. Remember, he is the guy who said he can be anything he needs to be.

Lyin’ liberal Donnie’s negative numbers are astronomical. Seventy percent of women dislike Trump.  Many women consider Trump a misogynistic pig. And those are the women who like Trump!

Trump has already said he doesn’t care about Republican unity.  He doesn’t think he needs it.  There is the #NeverTrump group that will not vote for him in the general election.  What happens when he angers his supporters by backing away from the wall? What happens when he backs away from some of his other pledges?

The answer is, he will decimate the GOP.

Republicans in Washington are already fearing a Trump lead election.  With Trump at the top of the ticket, the best case scenario is an outcome that looks a lot like Custer’s last stand.  Not only would the White House be lost, but down ballot races are in jeopardy. The Senate will be lost and possibly the House.

Imagine a President Hillary Clinton, with a Senate Majority Leader named Chuck Schumer and a House Speaker named Nancy Pelosi.

This is what America faces if the GOP nominates Donald Trump.

A contested convention is a far better option. Ted Cruz makes a far better candidate and he could not only win (something lyin’ liberal Donnie can’t do) but also gives the GOP a chance to hold the Senate and the House.

But can Cruz win?

Contrary to what the pro-Trump media is saying, Trump does not lock this up with a win in Indiana.

In order to get to 1237 delegates (a majority), Trump must win:

  • 90% of West Virginia
  • 50% of California
  • 50% of Oregon
  • 50% of Washington
  • 50% of New Mexico
  • And win New Jersey andNebraska

A lot of those things are not going to happen.  That means an open convention.

An open convention means Ted Cruz wins.

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