Lynch Admits Unethical Meeting With Slick Willy ‘Raises Concerns,’ Then Refuses to Address Them

Obama attorney general Loretta Lynch was interviewed by Washington Post reporter Jonathan Capehart at the Aspen Ideas Festival on Friday and the topic of Lynch’s highly unethical meeting with Bill Clinton, whose wife is under federal investigation for the EmailGate scandal, was addressed.

Capehart informed Lynch that people of all sorts, even supporters of hers, are coming up to him and asking “What on earth was she thinking?” for meeting Bill Clinton in Phoenix on Tuesday, a meeting that they intended to keep secret. “So, what on earth were you thinking?” Capehart asked, raising his voice for emphasis as Lynch chuckled.

Here’s how she answered:

“Well, I think that is the question of the day, isn’t it? And I think that’s a perfectly reasonable question. I think that’s the question that is called by what happened in Phoenix because people have also wondered and raised questions about my role in the ultimate resolution of matters involving the investigation of the State Department emails.

And to the extent that people have questions about that, about my role in that, certainly my meeting with him raises questions and concerns, and so, believe me, I completely get that question. And I think it is the question of the day.”

Look at this sleazy lawyer trick, will ya? Say over and over again what a great question it is — what a legitimate question it is — but then don’t answer the frickin’ question!

No answer as to why she took the meeting with Bill Clinton, who is obviously tied to the investigation himself, or why she thought it was a legitimate meeting.

And if it was an appropriate meeting, then why were they trying to keep it secret, hmmm?


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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