Major Environmental Group Likens Fracking to Rape…Seriously

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A prominent environmental group, Earthworks, not only hired a very vocal anti-oil activist on their staff, they condoned her belief that fracking is just like rape by retweeting that message from her. Sharon Wilson is an anti-oil activist in Texas who is very vocal in her stance against the resource that is at the center of the state’s vibrant economy. In expressing her opposition to Texas HB 40, which would give more regulatory control over fracking to the state legislator, Wilson tweeted the message “Texas fracking RAPE.”[/vc_column_text][banner300 banner=”5517620b381df”][vc_column_text]Earthworks retweeted this message, thereby condoning the notion that fracking, the extraction of natural oil and gas from rock deep underground, is just like rape. The Washington Free Beacon reported on Wilson adamant stance in using this analogy.

Wilson’s tweet linked to a post on her website that pushed activists to oppose the bill, saying it “STRIPS control from cities allowing the oil & gas industry to RAPE people living there.”


The post featured an image of the state of Texas overlaid by a drilling rig and the word “RAPE” written in ominous red lettering.


“To me, it perfectly depicts what is happening in Texas,” Wilson said of her rape comparison.


“Fracking victims I have worked with describe it as a rape,” she added. “People wear T-shirts with this imagery and I intend to continue using it.”

After initially standing by their retweet condoning the comparison of fracking to rape, Earthworks then attempted to backtrack. A spokesman for the anti-fracking group, Alan Septoff, attempted to distance the company from Wilson’s words. He said, “One of the understandings of her employment was that she’d get to keep her individual, independent voice in addition to serving as our organizer.”

Septoff also said in an emailed stated to the Washington Free Beacon,, “Having your home fracked against your will is not the same thing as rape. It’s not rape because at the end of the day you can leave your home, even if the cost is enormously high. With rape, you can’t leave your body as it is being violated.”

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