MAJOR U.S. City Set to Pass ‘Gun Violence’ Tax on Gun and Ammo Sales

Seattle’s government has, seemingly, dedicated themselves to becoming the new San Francisco. With the implementation of one liberal policy after another, the birthplace of grunge and the $5 latte is becoming more and more intolerable for those who value freedom.

From assigning garbage collectors police powers to spending taxpayer money painting and maintaining rainbows on crosswalks to coddle the city’s homosexuals, Seattle has demonstrated their willingness to go above and beyond for ultra-liberalism.

Now, the city’s government is doing what comes naturally: they’re targeting gun owners for persecution.

The city government is set to pass a “gun violence” tax that would assess an additional tax of $25 for all gun purchases and $.05 per round of ammo purchased.

The anti-Second Amendment package also places a burden on law-abiding gun owners to demand that they report any stolen or lost firearms within 24 hours.

Calling the laws a “gun safety” plan, a city council committee voted unanimously last week to approve the ridiculous measures. The council is set to rubberstamp the proposal on Monday.

Citing the $12 million in taxpayer money spent on hospital care for gunshot victims last year, Seattle City Council President Tim Burgess, sponsor of the legislation, claimed it was right to “ask the gun industry to chip in and help defray those costs.”

Of course, if Burgess were truly concerned with the costs, he would be advancing legislation equipped with the radical notion that people should pay for their own healthcare treatments.

Further, it is not the “gun industry” who will be paying these costs, but gun owners.

Seattle PI reports:

If the legislation passes, the gun lobby is certain to draw a bead on it in court. The lobby prevailed three years ago, arguing state preemption and overturning a newly enacted Seattle ordinance that banned firearms in Emerald City parks.

The $25 tax on gun purchases will cause buyers to “travel to retailers outside Seattle,” Trevor Santos, manager of government relations for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, told council members. The burden of the tax, which also includes a five-cents-per-cartridge tax on ammunition, would fall on “law-abiding gun owners,” argued Santos, because criminals don’t patronize legitimate gun dealers (who run background checks).

The tax is expected to bring $300-500,000 a year to city coffers, although officials said Wednesday that the estimate is not one you can take to the bank.

The council members were unmoved. Burgess and council member Sally Bagshaw noted that Congress recently extended a ban that forbids the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from studying the underlying causes of gun violence. The ban was imposed in 1996 at the behest of the National Rifle Association.

“If we want research money, this is the only way to get it,” said Bagshaw.

The tax will be avoided at all costs both out of fiscal necessity and out of principle. Gun sales in the city will shrivel and citizens will go elsewhere to purchase their guns and ammo. There will be no money in the coffers and all that will have been accomplished by this flagrantly unconstitutional effort is that the city will help destroy businesses that sell guns and help add to unemployment.

Remember: a minute uptick in the taxes levied on tea helped cause colonists to pick up arms and fight the greatest military on Earth. If Washington were alive today, we would already be at war.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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