Make a Socialist Sanders’ Supporter Cry: Show Them This Meme

Wild-eyed socialist Bernie Sanders has a conundrum, though he’s a non-thinking socialist so he doesn’t even realize it.

You see, Sanders is not only way behind corrupt liar Hillary Clinton in the delegate count, he is also out of money despite his constant bragging about the huge amount of donations he has raked in. He is, therefore, being forced to lay off hundreds of staffers. But when you’re a socialist, you’re a user. You have no respect for the money, or any other property, of others.

Bernie gets burned in this brutal meme that simply explains the danger of the snake oil of socialism that he’s been hawking to the American people.



Sanders supporters should have some Kleenex on hand as the dangerous reality of his economically disastrous political philosophy is exposed as the sham that it is.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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