Male Privilege Tax? Just When You Thought You’ve Seen It All [VIDEO]

The Left loves to create strife and division. It is how they work to maintain a stronghold over groups of people. They work to make people believe that they truly don’t have a ‘fair shot’ at the American dream because someone else isn’t paying their ‘fair share’ or is making too much money that should actually be redistributed for equality sake. They play the race card and the gender card interchangeably always with the same goal in mind. Get the base riled up and angry so that they’ll vote to grow government even larger to stick it to the other guy.

Media Analyst Mark Dice asked people in San Diego if they would sign a petition to tax men at a higher rate. He calls it ‘the male privilege tax.’ Dice said he wanted to “see if these feminist fools would sign a sexist petition to fight supposed sexism.”

Given the current state of affairs in America, after years of Democrats railing about a supposed Republican war on women, with the demand for what they call “equal pay for women” not wanting work experience, work years, or anything else taken into account, it’s not surprising that Dice had an easy time finding people to sign the petition. However, it is a bit frightening.

Dice spoke with one woman and explained that the male privilege tax would tax men an additional 10% of their income since they make more than women. The woman said, “Yeah I’ve never heard of that before but whatever they’re trying to do right now is clearly not working so I’m all for giving it a shot.”

She clearly didn’t get the irony and hypocrisy while signing as Dice said, “The male privilege tax will definitely solve a lot of these sexist problems.”

To another woman who did not utter a word as she signed, Dice said the tax was to implement an additional 20% tax on the income of men to fight sexism. The woman didn’t blink an eye.

It gets worse from there with men agreeing to sign the petition even as a woman nearby objects and says regarding women making less than men, “That’s their problem, let them go out and find a good job, I make more money than my husband.”

Despite the woman’s interjected objection, one the guys says, “Yeah, sure, I’ll sign it. Why not?”

Why not? So, he has been so brainwashed that he wants the government to take more of his income with a sexist law to fight “sexism.”

Got it.

h/t Info Wars

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