A Man on Fire: From Traumatic Brain Injuries to the Warrior Games [VIDEO]

Andrew Marr, during his TBI spiral downward, described himself as being “A man on fire begging for someone to put me out.  Now, a year later, he is a man on fire to stop the 22 plus Veterans a day from killing themselves.  He found an answer that improved his quality of life 95%, and is on a mission to share it with the veteran community.

Marr has always been an elite performer. From Football to Special Forces, Marr has always stood out from the crowd. But after numerous traumatic brain injuries due to multiple tours as an explosives expert in the military, he was medically retired. Little did Marr know that the biggest battle of his life was just beginning.

In 2015, leading up to his medical retirement, Andrew Marr became the story that we hear all too often: The story of our brave American heroes making it through war only to come home and become despondent, alcoholic, void of a life, and suffering suicidal ideations. After being put on 13 different medications by the military medical system, Marr realized he had no quality of life. He and his family looked everywhere for answers, tried everything they could. Marr says “I was a man crying for help. I was on fire begging for someone to put me out. What the VA did masked symptoms. They made matters much worse.

After a year of the worst struggle of his life, Marr was contacted by one of America’s leading Neuro-Endocrinologists, Dr. Mark Gordon. Dr. Gordon, a traumatic brain injury survivor himself, had been working on TBI’s for over a decade. He offered Marr an objective blood test. Marr says ” Dr. Gordon was checking to see if my brain’s biochemistry was lined up, what neurosteroids were not being produced in my brain because of the trauma. I’ll never forget the moment after being treated by Dr. Gordon, I was driving on the 405 and it was like all the lights came back on! Within hours of receiving Dr. Gordon’s treatment I started feeling like myself. Within weeks I was off the meds and stopped drinking. My quality of life had returned, and I knew then I had to share this information with my fellow veterans who were suffering.”

In 2015 Marr created the Warrior Angels Foundation, a 501 c3, which has paid for the treatment of over 120 veterans to date. Marr says “We are constantly getting letters from the Veterans that go through the WAF medical protocols saying ‘Life is worth living again…I would have been in jail or dead if not for this treatment…my family loves me again.’ That is what drives me every day. There is still so much to do, and so many veterans who don’t know about this answer.”

Marr is right. Nearly 340,000 military service member have been diagnosed with a TBI from 2000-2015 according to the DoD. This doesn’t account for the veterans who are not diagnosed or who are misdiagnosed with PTS, since the symptoms are extremely similar.

On June 16 Andrew Marr will step on the field of competition once again at the Warrior Games at West Point to spin and throw both the shot put and discus as far as possible. 15 months ago Marr couldn’t even stand without his heart racing out of control at 200 beats per minute while suffering severe anxiety attacks. His story of triumph over his physical trials is only overshadowed by his tremendous efforts to help his fellow veterans. Marr states ” The Warrior Angels Foundation offers a treatment that pinpoints and treats the underlying condition at a much more cost effective way than the VA and DoD, without waiting lines. We are hoping one day they will come on board, but until then we will keep helping Veterans one at a time.”

Warrior Angels Foundation, through public donations, pays for each veteran’s treatment which is 1/3 the cost of the current military medical model offered by the VA and DOD.  To donate or seek treatment please log on to www.WAFTBI.org @WAFTBI  #UntilThereAreNone  #Throwing the Distance

For more about WAF’s Fundraiser – Throwing the Distance

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CJ Wheeler
CJ Wheeler
CJ Wheeler is the Communications Director for the Warrior Angels Foundation and owner of www.bookitcj.com, a DC based media relations firm aimed at getting voices on the Right heard. After receiving her degree in Communications and Journalism, Ms. Wheeler spent 20 years in newsrooms across America as both an Executive Producer and On Air Talent.

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