Black Man Opens Fire on Innocent White Civilians Because He’s Mad at Police

The war on police. as instigated by the Black Lives Matter crowd, has now been extended to include attacks on innocent civilians. A man in Tennessee opened fire on a highway because he was troubled by incidents involving police and blacks.

So now not only do some bigoted a-holes hold all police officers accountable for the actions of a few and call for the execution of officers for the “crime” of wearing a badge, but now civilians have to suffer?

One woman was killed in this madman’s rampage. Thee others, including a police officer, were injured.

Thirty-seven-year-old Lakeem Neon Scott, who is black, is hospitalized after being injured in shootout with police. Scott said he opened fire on white drivers because he was troubled by the incidents involving police shootings around the country.

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Scott first fired through the windows of a Days Inn injuring Deborah Watts, the front desk clerk. She is in serious, but stable condition. He then turned around and began firing at cars on the highway. His shooting spree began at 2:20 am local time, hours after black activist and racist Micah Xavier Johnson ambushed police in Dallas from a sniper position because he wanted to “hurt white officers.” Five officers were killed and 6 injured in that attack.

When you have race-baiting fools like Al Sharpton blaming police for the ambush of police by a racist bigot who wanted to “hurt white officers” we should brace ourselves for more hate from some fool who decides to open fire because “he’s mad” at police. When you have Obama stoking the flames of hatred towards police then a danger beyond belief is created.

Lord, help us!

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Jennifer Burke
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