Marine OBLITERATES Free-Loading Social Justice Warriors in One Sentence Flat

Marine James Erickson, Image Credit: Twitter

While entitled leftist “social justice warriors” call for freebies that others who work for a living are forced to pay for — things like free college, the cancellation of all college debt, and a government-mandated $15 minimum wage, a U.S. Marine, James Erickson, took to Twitter to give his take on the greedy little brats.

Ericson tweeted on Thursday that he too wanted money for school, so he marched too, taking a shot at the #MillionStudentMarch, and all the sniveling red diaper doper babies attending Yale, Mizzou, Amherst and every other Marxism-infected liberal institution of brainwashing:

Rest assured that Mr. Erickson will not receive a White House invite from Obama. To the contrary, the left will most likely demonize him as a racist for not buying into the Marxist claptrap of the left.

Well done, Mr. Erickson. Your tweet and picture say much more than you may even know. They speak volumes about this generation. Thank you for your service.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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