Mario Lopez Asks Ted Cruz if He’d Be Willing to Be Trump’s Running Mate [VIDEO]

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Extra TV‘s Mario Lopez went to the Houston campaign headquarters of GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz, a constitutional conservative, and asked the surging Cruz his thoughts on immigration policy, campaign strategy, his aspirations when he was a child, and also asked if he’d be willing to be Donald Trump’s running mate should Trump be the eventual GOP nominee.

Lopez asked Cruz if he was encouraged by the polls showing him in a statistical tie with Donald Trump in Iowa, and Cruz revealed his “slow and steady” campaign strategy to victory.

“It’s very encouraging — the momentum we’re seeing. We very conscientiously have focused this campaign on building it slowly and steadily,” Cruz revealed. “If you look at past campaigns, there are people who shoot up to the top, and then they plummet just as fast. We focused on really building on a foundation of stone and not of sand — doing a lot of the fundamentals — building a grassroots army,” he told Lopez.

“There’s been buzz about Trump asking you to be his running mate. Would you consider that?” Lopez asked Cruz.

“Not interested — I am running for the top position. And I think this election — the stakes — I don’t think they’ve ever been higher,” Cruz answered.

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On Monday, in an Iowa town hall meeting, Cruz contended that Trump will not be the eventual Republican nominee.

“I don’t believe Donald Trump is going to be our nominee,” Cruz told the Iowa town hall. “I don’t think he will be our next president.”

Ted Cruz and Trump have largely been the only two GOP candidates not to specifically criticize each other, leading many to believe that they have a mutual agreement to keep the gloves on.

Cruz agreed that Trump has “tapped into some real frustration,” when addressing the problem of illegal immigration, but asserted that it is possible to be a champion of legal immigration, while also staunchly standing for the rule of law.

“We can always welcome and celebrate — and we should welcome and celebrate — legal immigrants. I mean, this is a country built by immigrants. But no country on earth just leaves their border open — doesn’t secure their border and welcomes with no consequence.

It’s entirely possible to be pro-immigrant, as I am, and also believe in rule of law. You can do them both.”

After discussing his parents, and his father being a legal immigrant from Cuba, Lopez asks Cruz if he’d be willing to ask Obama about raising two daughters in the White House (Cruz also has two young daughters). “That’s actually a very good idea,” Cruz answered.

Below the first video, Cruz reveals that as a child he desired to be a movie actor, then acts out a scene from his all-time favorite movie, “The Princess Bride.”

The reenactment by Cruz is so spot on that Lopez is floored, applauding at the performance in amazement.

Ted Cruz, 44, is young enough that perhaps he could pull a reverse Ronald Reagan — become an actor after serving two terms as president.

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