Mark Levin Declares War on the RINO GOP Establishment: ‘Defeat Those Bastards!’

Appearing to a sold-out, boisterous crowd of courageous conservatives at the Reagan Library on Sunday, talk show great Mark Levin, a constitutional scholar whose “Plunder and Deceit” recently debuted at the top of the New York Times Bestseller List, said that not only is Obama America’s biggest threat, but the RINO GOP establishment, led by Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, must be defeated.

Interviewed by Joanne Drake, the Chief Administrative Officer of the Reagan Foundation Presidential Library, Levin answered several questions from an audience concerned about the future of the nation.

When one lady in the audience asked Levin if it was time to go third party, since the GOP establishment is essentially enabling the Obama regime, Levin responded that the last time Republicans went third party, it resulted in Democrat Woodrow Wilson, “one of the worse presidents in a hundred years,” who was a “racist and a segregationist.”

Levin, using Reagan’s quote from his famous 1976 CPAC speech, said that conservatives would be better off fighting for a new, revitalized Republican party.

“I don’t think we’re fighting hard enough within the Republican Party,” Levin contended. “We go third party and get ten or twelve or fourteen to twenty percent of the vote, what does that accomplish?” he asked rhetorically.

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“I don’t want to sent a message — I want to beat these bastards!” Levin said about the GOP establishment, an urging that resulted in huge applause. “I apologize for my language, but not really,” he joked.

At approximately the 51:00 minute mark, you can see myself the lovely Jennifer Burke of PolitiStick sitting in the audience as one attendee asked a question that received one of the biggest applause lines of the evening — the mention of constitutional conservative presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

“If we get a conservative president, say someone of like Ted Cruz [loud applause] or Ben Carson, how do we push the jerks in the Congress, like McConnell and Boehner, the people that we’re stuck with to do the right thing?” she asked.

“You would be amazed what a president can do with the leadership in the House — these guys don’t know how to lead. They think leadership is seeing how many bipartisan bills they can pass that Obama will sign,” Levin answered, explaining that the GOP establishment fought Reagan on issues like abolishing the Department of Education, but he was still able to accomplish much by being a strong conservative leader.

Levin lambasted GOP leadership for not standing with Ted Cruz in trying to defund Obamacare.

“I think these attacks on Ted Cruz by the Republican Party — forget about Donald Trump for now, he’s a complete outsider — Ted Cruz defeated the Republican Party in Texas, became the nominee by beating the longstanding lieutenant governor, who’s worth a quarter of a billion dollars and threw everything that he possibly could at him [at Cruz]. Cruz won a grassroots campaign — didn’t have the money to keep up on the air — even though he kept up somewhat on the air — because the people of Texas had had enough too.

They nominate him; he goes to the Senate, he does what he says and the Republican Party tries to destroy the man by going to the New York Times, The Washington Post and Politico to trash him. I don’t see Republicans telling McConnell to ‘cut it out,’ or Orrin Hatch to ‘cut it out,’ or all these other long-in-the-tooth, dug-in big government Republicans to ‘cut it out.

We’re in the primary process now. Now’s the time to duke it out to get the nominee we want.”

One interesting and funny side note. Before Mark Levin’s speech, as we were waiting, the viewing screens spanned several prior notables who had appeared at the Reagan Library to speak. The sitting silently audience erupted in thunderous boos each time RINO Karl Rove was shown on the screen.


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