Mark Levin Crushes Trump’s ‘Collusion’ Nonsense in 45-Seconds Flat [VIDEO]

Constitutional scholar, best-selling author, and leading radio talk show host Mark Levin weighed in the new strategic coordination between Ted Cruz and John Kasich on Monday, fighting the narrative created by Donald Trump that the arrangement is somehow illegal “collusion.”

Beyond the obvious blatant Trump hypocrisy of coming out against dealmaking, when his entire life has supposedly been about “cutting deals,” Levin created a short clip from his newly launched LevinTV in which he blows the bloviating billionaire’s latest Trumpertantrump out of the water:

“Campaigns are allowed to work together — or not. They’re allowed to organize together — or not. They’re allowed to strategize together — or not.” 

Levin further explains, with his usual passion, that, “This has been going on as long as America” and the two-party system, as well as making the comparison to Abraham Lincoln’s election of 1860, where he entered the convention in a distant second place, with only 22 percent of the delegates, behind New York Senator William Seward, who was the leader with 37 percent of delegates.

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Very much like this year, no candidate had the majority of delegates, a requirement as it is now, and Abraham Lincoln went on to win the nomination at the Republican convention and most would argue is one of the nation’s greatest presidents.

“I’m starting to think Donald Trump never read his book ‘The Art of the Deal’ and Ted Cruz did read it,” Levin said on his top-rated radio program on Monday. “Because everything Trump is saying now counters what he says in his own book,” he opined.

“And so you have to finish ladies and gentlemen,” Levin continued. “That’s the name of the game…that’s how life works.”

Levin explained that Trump wants to change the rules of the game before it is over, much like a boxing match where the leader asks the other fighter to quit before the fight ends. Ted Cruz isn’t going to do that, Levin contended.

Donald Trump has excused himself from decades of bribing politicians on both sides of the aisle, but mostly Democrats, for the sake of his own financial gain as a sign of being a good businessman, simply doing what he felt was necessary to get ahead. Now suddenly, a strategic campaign decision of Cruz and Kasich to focus on those states where they are expected to do best is “collusion.”

In another example of hypocrisy, Trump, using his words, “colluded” with Ben Carson in order to secure his endorsement by offering him a role in his administration should he become president.

But, I guess, like Obama, there are two sets of rules…one for Trump and one for everyone else


h/t:  The Right Scoop

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Matthew K. Burke
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