Mark Levin: I Will Debate Any Constitutional Scholar, Even Donald Trump, On Birtherism

Constitutional scholar, bestselling author and mega-popular radio talk show host, Mark Levin, known as “The Great One” in conservative circles, corrected birther Donald Trump’s attacks against Ted Cruz’s citizenship and eligibility for the presidency, calling them a “dumbass issue” that “won’t change a single vote.”

“This is for the kooks,” Levin opined after thoroughly explaining that a baby born to an American citizen is an American citizen regardless of where that birth takes place.

“So let the kooks argue it. The truth is — the truth is — this thing is resolved. It may not be resolved if you’re an opponent of Cruz’s. It may not be resolved if you’re one of the kooks out there — so what?”

Levin said the birther argument played right into the liberal hands — even Obama’s Josh Earnest mocked it on Wednesday — when we should be focusing on wannabe dictator Obama’s attack of the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment.

After admitting that he liked Donald Trump and that he liked very much what he’s done that past six months, Mark Levin told his vast audience that he wasn’t going to sit idly by while the most solid conservative in the race, Ted Cruz, was attacked unjustifiably, as he accused Donald Trump of “taking two positions” of birtherism.

“I’m prepared to debate any so-called legal scholar, professor, serious commentator, or candidate on this particular issue, on the air — more than happy to do it,” Levin told his audience on Wednesday. “You see, it’s not a matter of just an opinion, you have to understand the Constitution, you have to understand the nature of construction, you have to understand a little bit of American history so that complicates things for liberals and kne e jerkers,” Levin proclaimed.

“But I am more than happy to debate this issue with anybody who says that an American citizen born of an American citizen mother — wherever that citizen is born — is not eligible as a natural citizen — as a naturalized citizen — to run for President of the United States.”

Levin said that he is not attacking Donald Trump per se, who has been attacking Ted Cruz’s Americanism, but is defending the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law.

Donald Trump and his surrogates have made multiple media rounds attempting to place seeds of doubt into Ted Cruz’s eligibility after attempts to attack Ted Cruz’s Christianity, in addition to calling Cruz a “maniac” for standing up to the Washington D.C. establishment in both parties, have failed, and as Cruz has continued to soar in the polls, including taking over the State of California in a poll this week.

Levin went on to play a clip from September in which Donald Trump said himself that the issue of Ted Cruz’s eligibility was a non-issue.

In September, ABC News asked Donald Trump about the issue, and Donald Trump said:

“From what I understand, everything is fine. I hear that it was checked out by every attorney, and every which way, and I think that Ted is in fine shape.”

Yesterday, just three months later, after Ted Cruz’s meteoric rise in the polls the past two months, Donald Trump sung a different tune, to a question raised by the leftist Washington Post.

“Honestly, I hope it’s not the case. I hope it’s not going to be a problem for him,” Trump said as he began sowing seeds of doubt. “But I’ve been hearing a lot about it and you’ve been hearing….,” he said in the clip before Levin interrupted compared Trump’s comment to Hillary Clinton insinuating that the U.S. may have been visited by space aliens.

“Okay, stop! It’s not a problem for him [Ted Cruz],” Levin interjected. “I hear a lot about everything. I hear about all kinds of crap — you wouldn’t believe it. Like, Hillary Clinton going on about UFO’s,” Levin explained.

Levin explained that when he would get approached by an Obama birther while giving a speech, he would tell them, “Get lost nutjob,” before blasting Trump’s attacks as a “shiny object,” i.e., an unnecessary distraction, considering all of the real, serious issues going on in the world and in the U.S.

A fired up Levin, who runs the Landmark Legal Foundation, then called Trump’s statement that Cruz should go to a judge to get declared eligible “absurd,” stating that’s not how the legal system works and went on to predict that no one would legally challenge Cruz’s eligibility because they know it would hold no legal basis.

Levin, who has supported Trump on other constitutional issues such as the 14th Amendment not automatically making anchor babies citizens when Trump was under attack, said Trump is wrong on this issue now, but he was right in September.

“From a constitutional point of view, there’s no problem — Ted Cruz is an American citizen. Ted Cruz has been voting as an American citizen. He’s allowed to vote because he is an American citizen. His mother is an American citizen. He was born from his mother an American citizen. It doesn’t matter where she was. Same with George Romney — same with John McCain — same with, I’m sure, many, many others. It doesn’t matter. 

The issues that the Framers were concerned about was loyalty to the country. If somebody is born who is not an American citizen — or is born outside the country who’s not an American citizen — they were concerned about allegiance to the country.” 

Levin spoke to his audience about the constitutional intricacies regarding why Ted Cruz is eligible to be the President of the United States for over 16 straight minutes. You can listen to the full clips in their entirety at The Right Scoop.

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Matthew K. Burke
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