Mark Levin Reveals What Should be Done With the ‘Stalinist Bastards’ at Berkeley [AUDIO]

4/20 @ 5:32 PM ET: Please page down to see important update on this story…

Constitutional scholar, best-selling author and leading conservative talk show host Mark Levin, said on his radio program on Wednesday what should be done with the “Stalinist bastards” in Berkeley in wake of the news that Ann Coulter has been disinvited from speaking at the university — a hotbed of America-hating communists — due to concerns of more violent leftist protests by communist goons wearing black masks.

“Let me tell you what needs to be done about this,” Levin began. “President Trump should federalize the California National Guard. He should send his Attorney General Jeff Sessions in there to walk Ann Coulter onto the Berkeley campus so she can give her speech,” Levin said while noting that he’s not the biggest fan of Coulter, a sycophantic Trump loyalist who was invited to speak at Berkeley on the hot topic of immigration on next week.

“Either we have a Constitution or we don’t!” Levin shouted. “Now these little Stalinist bastards on these campuses — all these tough guys walking around with sticks and knives and covering their pathetic little faces in black and wearing hoods and all the rest of it — enough already!” a fired-up Mark Levin bellowed.

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Berkeley has been the epicenter of violent communists for decades and has been energized by the dollars of anti-American globalist billionaire George Soros, who is a one-world government proponent and moneyman to virtually every anti-American communist front group in America. In recent months, the leftist university has become violent when anyone is invited to speak there who are politically to the right of Josef Stalin or Karl Marx.

Nevertheless, Berkeley is ironically celebrated as a bastion of “free speech,” a fake news story if there ever was one.

“Those damn college campuses belong to you and me!” Levin, known as “The Great One” in conservative circles for his ability to articulate conservative and constitutional principles. “God knows, we pay enough for them in our taxes — federal and state — and our kids’ tuition and the nationalized student loan program,” he proclaimed.

On Wednesday night, Ann Coulter told FOX News host Sean Hannity that Coulter agreed to all of the school’s demands before they abruptly canceled. She also announced that she would be showing up to speak at Berkeley, Thursday, April 27, a bold move that will test the left to see just how much they are hellbent to shut down free speech.


UPDATE: Berkeley has backed down and has re-invited Ann Coulter to speak, the Washington Times reports. But instead of speaking on April 27, the date has been changed to May 2. The exact location where the speech will take place is to be announced at a later date.

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