Mark Levin Compares Marco Rubio to Saul Alinsky: Stop the Lies About Ted Cruz!

(Mark Levin at Conservative Review) – A little while back, I argued that Marco Rubio ‘s tactics in attacking Ted Cruz ‘s Senate record on immigration and national defense, among other things, was Alinskyite.  They were and still are simply and demonstrably dishonest.  Yet he persists, knowing full well that by the time the truth catches up with him, if ever, the damage will have been done.

More recently, Rubio and his campaign team have intensified and broadened their Alinskyite tactics, now focusing on the ultimate personal smear — that Ted Cruz is a serial liar.  Even in this, Rubio is not original.  Of course, Donald Trump has been calling his opponents liars as an almost Tourette’s-like response against anyone who reminds him of his past but recent support for leftists and leftist causes, some of whom and which he still embraces.

But Rubio’s smears are part of a more deliberative and unrelenting propaganda campaign. They are now at the core of his campaign effort to dislodge Cruz and clear the field against Trump.

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Saul Alinksy explained it this way:  “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”  Rubio fancies himself the next Ronald Reagan.  But such self-aggrandizement is unmerited.

He’s more Alinsky.

Indeed, it was Reagan who, in his 1966 race for Governor of California, declared: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”  I doubt Reagan would approve of Rubio’s campaign of character assassination against Cruz.

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