Mark Levin: Trump is Hurting Reputation by Leading the Birther Movement Against Ted Cruz [AUDIO]

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Constitutional scholar and leading conservative talk show host Mark Levin scolded current GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on Friday, saying that the bombastic billionaire and reality TV star has been leading the “stupid” birther issue against Ted Cruz, who has soared into second place behind Trump in all major polls, and that it’s damaging Trump’s reputation.

A livid Levin accused Trump of planting the question with a leftist Washington Post reporter that opened the floodgate of new converts to birtherism — including Rand Paul and RINO John McCain — who, along with leftist outlets like Politico, have jumped on the bandwagon attacking Ted Cruz for a non-issue — an attack Levin says is not hurting Cruz, but is destroying the reputations of the new birthers.

“This [birther attack] won’t set back Cruz at all,” Levin predicted.

“The people who are pushing this [birtherism] look stupid, are stupid, and I suspect they’ve hurt their reputations — including Trump. 

Donald Trump didn’t listen to me. I said get off this stupid issue — focus on substance…He’s out there leading the birther movement — for no reason whatsoever.” 

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An angry Levin said that the ridiculous birther attack against Ted Cruz is a blessing for the left who don’t want the focus to be on Obama’s unconstitutional anti-Secondment Amendment executive orders and other important issues like border security and ISIS.

“We’ve spent three days on this [as of Friday] while Obama is eviscerating the Constitution — three days on this while the debt has gone up God knows how much — three days on this while the border’s open and the enemy is coming in,” Levin shouted.

Since Friday, the Ted Cruz campaign has released his mother’s birth certificate, proving she was a U.S. citizen long enough to meet the requirements making Ted Cruz a naturalized citizen, even though he was born in Canada.

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After Trump’s first birther accusation, Cruz sent out of tweet of Fonzie of Happy Days fame “jumping the shark” a desperate sign that the popular sitcom had ran it’s course.

The entire Mark Levin Show is below. Levin begins the program talking about the birther issue for several minutes.


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