Mark Levin Unloads on Trumps Latest Meltdown Against Cruz: ‘Stupid, Mindless!’

(The Blaze) – Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin on Monday blasted attacks used by Republican frontrunner Donald Trump against 2016 rival Ted Cruz, calling them “stupid” and “mindless” in a 9-minute rant on his nationally syndicated program.

“This is why I’m sick and tired of stupid talk!” Levin said on his program. “This is why I’m sick and tired of stupid issues! I didn’t spend 40 years of my life — 45 to be exact — to reach a point where we actually might take back the White House with somebody who is conservative, whomever that is, to be discussing birther issues! And fake issues!”

 “And whatever candidate tries to draw us into these arguments and these debates that are mindless, that are useless, are not going to save this republic, are not going to affect the debt, the kinds of judges we have, strengthen our military, then I call them out!” he continued. “Whether some people like it or not. It’s that simple.”
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