Marxist Maxine Waters Preaching in Church About Illegals: ‘This is Their Country’ [VIDEO]

Here’s yet another exhibit of exactly why Democrats continue to lose elections nationwide because of the propensity of the party of coastal elites and perverts to put the needs of foreigners in the country illegally above those of American citizens and legal immigrants.

Maniacal Marxist Maxine Waters — putting her best “Aunt Esther” on while preaching to the Westchester-Playa Democratic Club at an LA church, said that it’s “their country” in reference to illegal aliens.

“These are people who are contributing to our society,” the California communist said from the pulpit. “And all of a sudden, they are thought to be folks who don’t deserve to be here and would be sent back to places they’ve never been. People they don’t know, systems they don’t understand,” she whined.

“This is their country,” she argued.

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h/t:  American Mirror


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Matthew K. Burke
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