Mary Katharine Ham Just Made Probably The Best Analogy of The 2016 Election [VIDEO]

Conservative columnist and commentator Mary Katharine Ham may have just given the best description of the 2016 presidential race thus far, at least in describing the general election and the nominees from both main political parties.

“The problem for both of them is they’re fighting on equally unlikable dishonest grounds,” Ham contended on CNN Tuesday evening. “The good news for Republicans is that she is unliked and unpopular. And the bad news is that he is also,” she said.

Then Mary Katharine Ham gave an analogy that she doesn’t look old enough to put together, but if you were around in 1972, you’ll know that the ugly Ford Pinto had a reputation of blowing up when being hit in a rear-end collision.

1972 Ford Pinto

1972 Ford Pinto

I remember calling the quirky looking vehicle an “oven on wheels” when I was growing up, so Ham’s near-perfect analogy in describing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump hits home with me.

“They are offering the American people two ’72 Pintos in different colors and the American people are like, ‘Don’t they both blow up?'”

“I mean, this is not a great situation,” she continued, as the panel, led by host Anderson Cooper, cracked up laughing.

Mary Katharine Ham is absolutely correct in her analogy. One candidate is a power-hungry, corrupt pathological liar, while the other is a narcissistic sociopath and con man with an authoritarian streak.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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