This May Be the Most Epic Campaign Vehicle in American History

RINO Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is being opposed in Wisconsin by businessman Paul Nehlen who announced on Wednesday a creative way to grab attention and spread the message that now is the time to “Dump Ryan.”

A big, yellow, badass-looking dump truck emblazoned with the words, “Get the DIRT on Ryan at…DUMP PAUL RYAN .COM.” explains in detail how Ryan has betrayed the voters of Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District, making the case that Paul Ryan, 2012 loser Mitt Romney’s failed running mate, is a sellout, with approximately 83 percent of his funding coming from outside of the district.

Paul Nehlen said in a statement that the truck, which will be touring Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District, is a powerful way to “build awareness of the ways Ryan has sold out his own district,” citing issues like being soft on illegal immigration, ill-conceived trade deals and not being willing to stop massive growth in deficit spending.

“Wisconsin’s 1st District has deep roots in manufacturing and industry, in design and engineering,” noted Paul Nehlen, Ryan’s primary challenger. “We’ve been a powerhouse in these respects. But Paul Ryan is now undermining us at every turn—on spending, on trade, on immigration, and more. He’s broken every single promise he’s made to us. A lot of us, me included, have had to ask ourselves why his votes no longer line up with our interests. We’ve had to ask ourselves who exactly Ryan is representing because it’s clearly not us any longer.

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“It turns out that his campaign finance reports explain the discrepancy between what Paul Ryan says to us here at home and what he does when he’s in Washington. Eighty-three percent of Ryan’s funding comes from outside of our district—and of that 83 percent, 65 percent has come in the form of large donations from in and around Washington D.C. Paul Ryan isn’t representing us anymore—he’s representing his special-interest buddies in D.C. The #DumpRyan tour is a powerful way to shed light on that fact.”

Nehlen said that Wisconsinites will be able to track the location of the #DumpRyan truck at

“We encourage people not only to follow the travels of the #DumpRyan truck, we look forward to seeing them at various stops around the district,” Nehlen said. “We’re going to provide a lot of information, and we’re going to have fun doing it. This campaign will continue to bring the fight to Paul Ryan all the way to Election Day.”

Paul Ryan has been mentioned as a potential GOP nominee at what is sure to be a contested Republican convention in July, even though he has not been a presidential candidate. RINOs like John Boehner and Karl Rove have floated the idea of parachuting in the establishment favorite with the hopes of stopping either a Donald Trump or Ted Cruz nomination. On Tuesday, Ryan strongly put to bed the idea, saying that he wouldn’t accept the nomination even if it was offered to him and said, “Count me out.”

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Paul Ryan, like Eric Cantor in Virginia before him, is in trouble — as are all establishment-backed politicians who have a long history of broken problems. As now-Congressman Dave Brat has proven, it doesn’t matter how much money (Cantor outspent Brat 40-1 and lost) Ryan has, an energized and angry grassroots candidacy with the right candidate can defeat anybody, including someone as entrenched and well-funded as Paul Ryan.


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Matthew K. Burke
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