Mayor Wants Bruce Jenner to Light Olympic Torch

Though Bruce Jenner was a phenomenal athlete, his days of Olympic glory have been overshadowed by his sad descent into mental illness as he has come to embrace his delusion- that he is a woman trapped in a man’s body.

To celebrate Jenner’s recent “bravery” in succumbing to his delusion, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti has jumped the gun to declare that if Los Angeles should be selected to host the 2024 Olympic games, he would like Bruce Jenner- who now identifies as “Caitlyn”- to light the Olympic cauldron.

Garcetti revealed to TMZ Sports that the first person to jump to his mind is Jenner. Though Jenner is an Olympic star, he has received substantially more praise for his willingness to “transition” to a female.

TMZ reports:

If L.A. gets the Olympics in 2024, the Mayor says he already has one person in mind for the all-important lighting of the Olympic Cauldron … Olympic legend Caitlyn Jenner!!!

The lighting of the cauldron is a HUGE honor – with the host country usually selecting someone it feels can proudly embody what the country stands for on a global stage.

Past cauldron lighters have been Muhammad Ali, Wayne Gretzky and countless inspiring athletes from all over the world.

So, with the City of Los Angeles battling to get the 2024 games, Mayor Eric Garcetti told TMZ Sports the first person to come to mind for the honor is Caitlyn.

Now, all Garcetti has to do is beat out Paris, Rome and Hamburg for the 2024 bid – and then Caitlyn should start to clear out her schedule.

Whatever Jenner wishes to do to his own body is his business. However, do we really need to turn this into an international embarrassment by conveying to the rest of the world that not only is Jenner delusional, but that we support and validate such delusions?

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