10 Leftist Headlines That Avoided ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’ at All Costs

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Progressive leftist news and commentary websites were licking their chops on Sunday, salivating over another opportunity push for the obliteration of Second Amendment rights, after a radical Islamic terrorist slaughtered 50, and injured 53 more, at a homosexual nightclub in Orlando over the weekend.

The Muslim terrorist, a registered Democrat by the name of Omar Saddiqui Mateen, who was at least twice interviewed by the Obama FBI for terrorist connections, shouted “Allahu Akbar,” as he performed his evil, yet Obama and his house organs in leftstream media twisted and turned in avoiding any connection to Islam and avoided at all costs connecting the dots on any real motive other than obscure “hate.”

Instead, the Muslim terrorist, who before the shooting pledged allegiance to ISIS, was described by anti-Christian, pro-Muslim media in such nondescript terms as a “shooter,” a “gunman,” a “mass shooter,” or even as only a “shooting suspect,” because, you see, the gun did it all by itself, or something.

Check out these headlines from the Democrat Media Complex:

  • Huffington Post: Orlando Gunman’s Father Says Son Was Upset By Gay Kiss, Not Motivated By Religion
  • Time: Donald Trump Faces Backlash for Tweets About Orlando Shooting
  • Washington Post: The gun used in the Orlando shooting is becoming mass shooters’ weapon of choice
  • Slate: GOP Congressmen Offer “Thoughts and Prayers.” Here’s How Much the NRA Gave Them to Offer Nothing More.
  • MTV: How Do You Find New Words To Describe A Mass Shooting?
  • ABC News: How the Orlando Nightclub Shooting Unfolded
  • Think Progress: The Other Topic Republicans Avoided In Response To The Orlando Shooting
  • Politico: Orlando massacre: Shock and horror
  • Esquire: What We Lose with Every Mass Shooting
  • Daily Kos: The nation responds to yet another unimaginable, but all-too real, gun massacre

These should come as no surprise. For some deranged reason, the Leftists in the Democrat Party and their house organs in the media, will blame the gun, or Republicans, or the NRA, or even Christians, for Muslim terrorism.

Communist NYC Mayor De Blasio Immediately Blames ‘Gun’ for Orlando Islamic Terrorism

The Left prefers to blame the inanimate object, “the gun,” in order to push for the elimination of Second Amendment rights, realizing that government has ultimate power over citizens when they are helpless and defenseless against government tyrants.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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