Meet a Millennial Who Explains Why He Left Bernie Sanders for The Libertarian Party

Picture Courtesy of Elly Maye and Caleb

I have worked at the same retirement home for two years, and less than a year ago, we hired an employee named Caleb.

When I first met Caleb, I realized he was a very smart and witty guy. I also realized, he was a liberal. Not just a liberal, but a liberal who was feeling the Bern. He had a shirt and everything.

We didn’t talk much about politics at work, but we knew we were at different ends of the spectrum, yet still had a great friendship, because well, politics shouldn’t get in the way of friendships. And like I said, he’s a witty guy! And I like witty people.

At work one day, Caleb said something I’ll never forget… that people are taxed enough already and that he was no longer feeling the Bern. My jaw quite literally dropped.

He told me that after doing some research of his own (what high school kid does that?!) he realized it was unjustified to tax people any more. Like I said, the kid is smart. And I like smart people.

Caleb decided the Libertarian Party best suited him because he believes the government shouldn’t be in charge of you- but that you should be in charge of yourself.

Caleb inspired me. He is a young millennial who is thinking for himself and broke free from walking in lock step with the Democrats.

There is hope.

I hope you enjoy the interview.

About the Author

Elly Maye
Elly Maye
Elly Maye is a rising conservative star out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, currently living in Oklahoma. She has a YouTube channel where she's known for her video titled, "Top 10 Reasons I'm Not a Democrat." Growing up with parents on opposite ends of the political spectrum, she had the chance to learn about each side. Thanks to her mom, she saw that conservatism was best in line with her faith and was simply common sense. Before becoming sober at age 21, she struggled with drug addiction. During that time in her life, she saw many destructive lifestyles that were fueled by liberalism, and after getting sober, that was a huge contributor to her conservative activism. She hopes to help influence others her age to think for themselves and join the fight to preserve our rights and liberty.

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