Meghan McCain Brutalizes Obama: ‘Hope and Change was a Con’

Meghan McCain on FOX News' "Outnumbered," Jan. 9, 2017

America’s first Marxist president, Barack Obama, will deliver his long-awaited farewell speech on Tuesday and the panel on FOX News’ Outnumbered discussed what might be forthcoming in the speech.

After displaying a recent Associated Press poll on the Obama legacy showing that only 27 percent of the American people believe Obama has been successful in uniting the country, co-host Harris Faulkner hoped that Obama will ditch the divisive rhetoric we’ve seen the past eight years and get back to some of the more uplifting “platitudes of motivation” that marked his deceptive 2008 presidential campaign.

Meghan McCain, to put it lightly, wasn’t hopeful that Obama would appeal to our better angels, predicting that he will not act in the classy way the Bush’s have during his presidency, refusing to publicly criticize Obama even though there’s plenty of material there.

Moreover, McCain said that Obama’s 2008 campaign rhetoric of “hope and change” was a con, predicted that his ego will not allow him to stay out of the limelight and that he will probably be appearing at the Golden Globes next year with Meryl Streep bashing Donald Trump.

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“I think he’s going to be the most bitter ex-president — complete and polar opposite of George and Laura Bush who have been nothing but class — never attacking him while he’s in office,” Meghan McCain told the panel. “He’s doing it already. He can’t help himself.”

McCain further opined that Obama is jealous of Trump for being even a bigger celebrity than he is and that he will spend his post-presidency time trying to one-up Trump.

“He can’t handle the fact that Donald Trump even a bigger celebrity — beat him at his own game. I think he’s going to be on every late night show. I think he’s going to be at the Golden Globes next year — making another speech with Meryl Streep.

There’s nothing else for him to do. What is he going to do? His legacy for the past eight years has been a complete and total failure. ‘Hope and change’ was a con pulled over on the American public and he ushered in the era of Trump.”

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Prior to Meghan McCain’s likely accurate prediction of the Obama post-presidency, she tweeted that progressive leftist Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe awards anti-Trump rant an example of why Trump won and that if Hollywood continues down this path, they will only help his re-election chances as Americans are tired of being preached to by Hollywood elitists.


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