Megyn Kelly Crushes Hillary: She’s a ‘Chicken’ [VIDEO]

FOX News’ Megyn Kelly went on a tear against Hillary Clinton on Friday night, challenging her “champion of women” narrative and slamming her as a “chicken” for repeatedly promising to appear with her on The Kelly File during the general election, but then breaking that promise.

“I’ve always said, ‘listen, she could handle me,'” Kelly told longtime Clintonista Lanny Davis. “The bottom line is, honestly, she was too chicken to come on [The Kelly File]. I asked her for months and months and months through everybody possible.”

Hilariously, when Davis — a Clinton Machine spinmeister who appeared regularly on TV in the 90’s whenever Bill Clinton was caught with his pants down — pushed back, declaring that Kelly can’t call Clinton “chicken,” she smugly responded, “I can — I think if anybody in the country can do it, it’s me — I can.”

And she didn’t back down.

Progressive leftist Davis spun that Hillary’s campaign was taking a more “conservative approach” (nice choice of words, right?) to interviews and that she’s apologized for her “emails” (See folks, we all have emails, don’t we? Hillary is “sorry” for hers. What a gal! Move on).

To her credit, Kelly wouldn’t take any of the double-speak and bashed Hillary Clinton’s “champion of women” meme, stating that if she’s such a champion of women then why did she duck coming on the number one rated news program in America hosted by a woman? Could it be that she didn’t want to be asked tough questions?

Kelly really stuck the dagger in and twisted it by noting that even Donald Trump had the guts to come on and be interviewed by her — and Hillary didn’t.

“She’s trying to paint herself as some ‘champion of women,’ and what does she do? She doesn’t even sit down with one of the top female journalists in the country — at least — and certainly here on the FOX News channel — one of the only two women in all of primetime and cable news — pretended that we didn’t exist — told us over and over again, ‘Wait until the general, wait until the general, wait about this, wait about that. Never came. That’s the truth.

The truth is even Trump, who was very unhappy about that debate [the first GOP presidential debate in which Kelly was a moderator], wound up sitting down with me, giving me a long interview. Hillary? Never.”

Davis opined that Hillary “would have done great” in an interview with Megyn Kelly. Well, if that’s true then why didn’t she do an interview? I think we all know the answer to that question, don’t we?


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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