Megyn Kelly Reveals How She Knows Trump’s Hair is Real, and It’s Creepy [VIDEO]

Just ahead of the first episode of Megyn Kelly presents, which will air on your local FOX channel, not FOX News, on Tuesday, May 17, Megyn Kelly has been making the media rounds. On Monday night, Kelly appeared on Bravo’s Making the Rounds with host Andy Cohen where she participated in a game of sorts called “Plead the Fifth.”

In this segment, Kelly was given three questions. She had to answer two but could plead the fifth on one. One of her answers regarding Donald Trump’s infamous hair was, shall we say, beyond weird. It was kind of creepy.

Megyn Kelly was given a chance to critique Donald Trump’s appearance on the second question. Rather than offer any kind of critique, she actually played defense for Trump’s appearance regarding his hair.

Trump has frequently been accused of having a weird combover or even a toupee which he has vehemently denied over and over again. He has argued profusely that it is his actual full and thick hair. He even had a rally attendee join him on stage to run her fingers through his hair as proof. Based upon Kelly’s answer, it looks like that woman isn’t the only woman that wasn’t Trump’s wife to have run their fingers through his hair.

Kelly argued, “I would say the hair is real. I have laid hands on it personally. That is not a wig … and it’s not a comb over either.”

The strange part came when Kelly shared how she could be so certain that Trump’s hair is real.

“I have run my fingers through it. I shoved my hands up in that hair, and it’s real, for reals.”


h/t The Blaze

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